NeuronWriter Review – The Best AI Content Writing Tools for 2024

NeuronWriter Review – The Best AI Content Writing Tools for 2024

In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about NeuronWriter and explore whether it can help you rank your website content.

We will check out all its features and test its AI writing capabilities. We conducted an in-depth NeuronWriter analysis of how each feature can help a content master, writer, SEO strategist, marketer, or content creator throughout the content production process. Also, we will discuss in detail the pros and cons, price, and more.

If you’re planning to use NeuronWriter or are considering their premium plan, it’s best first to understand the tool’s full capabilities.


    • NeuronWriter’s four core functionalities are Content Planning, AI Writing, Content Management, and Competitor Analysis.
    • The tool considers Top-ranking pages for a target keyword as a benchmark and provides Content ideas, Keyword Suggestions, H2, and H3 recommendations.
    • The platform facilitates content management through its planning and content calendar features, making it an ideal option for managing content teams.
    • You can access in-depth details like on-page and off-page SEO factors that contribute to the performance of your competitor’s content.
    • AI Writer uses the GPT-4 model to write original and relevant content. To create different content, you can change the language model to GPT-3.5 and text-davinci-003.

NeuronWriter Review – The Best AI Content Writing Tools for 2024

What is NeuronWriter?

NeuronWriter is an AI-powered SEO-friendly content writing and content optimization tool. Neuron Writer is a content production and management platform that helps bloggers, freelance writers, content teams, and producers. Its core functionality includes content planning, creation, and optimization. High-performance websites use natural language processing (NLP) technology to drive copy. It’s designed to help you write and optimize your website content faster so you have a better chance of ranking on Google, Microsoft Bing, and other search engines.

It was founded in 2019 by Contadu, operating out of Zamosc, Poland, led by co-founder and CEO Pawel Sokolowski.

Currently, they have a user base of 100,000+ customers who have performed more than 1300000+ content analytics on their platform. Also, they support 170+ Languages.

Big names like Decathlon, Castorama, and Itaka have adopted NeuronWriter into their content marketing workflows.

With different tiers of pricing plans, it helps both growing and established brands reduce the time to create content.

Unlike other AI content writing tools, Neuron Writer is mostly geared toward website content, such as blog posts and landing pages, and as such, its user interface is designed around the workflow of writing a typical blog article.

Choose a search query you want to rank for and NeuronWriter will perform an in-depth SERP analysis for that query providing you with insights, SEO tips, and NLP advice to help you create content that ranks. Then, you can write content in NeuronWriter’s advanced content editor. To speed up the traditional content creation process, you can use GPT-4-powered AI Writer to automatically generate headlines, questions, and even entire paragraphs. There’s a lot more you can do with NeuronWriter, but we’ll explore those as we get into the features.

NeuronWriter Detailed Review

NeuronWriter provides the best semantic SEO recommendations to streamline the article research process using artificial intelligence.

The features of the tool are categorized into several categories, such as planning, creating, optimizing, and managing. However, each provides trivial yet important data insights that help you create content that outperforms your competitors. Here is an in-depth discussion of each feature

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) Algorithm, it analyzes the top competitors on Google and provides results. Suggest relevant terms and generate different types of content based on user prompts.

It supports the GPT-4, ChatGPT (turbo), and InstructGPT (text-davinci-003) language models to provide useful language templates and context-aware text generation.

NeuronWriter By offering a variety of SEO content optimization features, profoundly helps writers and content creators incorporate all the necessary on-page elements for higher rankings.

Here are the main features of Neuron Writer that you need to know.

  • Advanced Content Editor Tools
  • Outline Maker Tools
  • AI Writer Tools
  • Text Paraphraser or Expander Tools
  • AI Content Templates
  • Optimization Consulting and SEO Scoring
  • Internal Link Suggestions
  • Content Concepts and Planning
  • Content Management and Team Collaboration Tools
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Google SERP Analysis and Competitor Research
  • WordPress and GSC Integration

We will try to analyze all these features later and show you how they work while trying out the platform.

Let’s Get Started

When you first Sinup to NeuronWriter, the first thing you need to do is Setup your project completely.

NeuronWriter SignupTo do this, Click Create New Project. Then, in the next window, you have the option to link your project to a specific domain. This is available under the optional settings, like the domain name, the target country you want to specify, the language, and even the keywords you want to rank for.

NeuronWriter New Project

After creating a project, you will be brought to the project dashboard. You can optimize your content for a new focus keyword by clicking “New Query”. NeuronWriter is designed with a specific workflow enhancement in mind. The first step in that workflow is to add the keywords you want the content writer to generate. Select New Question from the Project Dashboard to add your first target keyword.

NeuronWriter New Query

Then, start by filling in the field with the primary keyword you want to rank for. You can click Advanced Settings to add any additional keywords you want to target on the same content. You can create multiple analyses if you want by flipping the slider to the right.

Neuron Writer Advanced settings

After this is done, it will be added to the Content Authors table in your project dashboard. You can choose your target country and a language from multiple languages. Defaults to English, but you can choose any of the 170 supported languages. If you click on advanced settings, you can include many more keywords and set a specific time limit. You click “Start” once to start the analysis.

NeuronWriter Content competition score

You can see the content competition score for target keywords in the table (the lower it is, the easier it is to rank) as well as the expected delivery date of the writer you’ve hired, the article’s word count, etc. You can then click on any target query or keyword in the table to access all of NeuronWriter’s features.

Content Planning

The NeuronWriter content planning system helps you compare your chosen content topics with the top-ranking pages on Google SERP. As a result, you can create a subjective content score that will help you beat your competitors. You should definitely achieve this.

Neuron Writer Content Planning

Once one or more keywords are entered, it will prompt you to select your competitors. This will then redirect you to your content editor interface, which contains a detailed list of suggested keywords that you should target to optimize your content. Moreover, you can change and modify the contestant list whenever you want. However, the suggested detailed keyword list will change every time. When you change your target competitors.

Content Planning

Keyword suggestions are based solely on your competitors’ content and the keywords they rank for. So, if you want to rank higher in the SERPs, you must choose your competitors carefully. Analyzing and creating SEO-Optimized content. You can further improve your chances of getting higher rankings and gaining more visibility in search results.

NeuronWriter Content Planning

Furthermore, Under Content Planning tab, you can schedule tasks and set deadlines for your team with the click of a button. You can even create new content ideas from the advanced content editor and you can create a content plan directly. Together, this ensures that you have a data-driven content workflow.

The Next Click & you will be brought to the content editor.

NeuronWriter content editor

The main window is where you enter and edit your detailed content. It will work like any other text editor, just type the words on the page and then format them using the toolbar. From the toolbar, you can add title tags, text classification and weighting, import images, add tables, etc.

You can also go to the <meta> tab to add the meta description and your title.

NeuronWriter meta description

Below the text box, you’ll see some suggestions for key terms to include based on what your top SERP competitors are using in their metadata, which is extremely useful.

Outline Maker

Create a first draft in NeuronWriter The feature helps you create an article outline in under a minute using the power of AI.

Here’s how to use it for you.

First Click on the green icon in the top right of the content editor and Neuron Writer will open a new window where you can outline your content.

Outline Maker

On the right side of this window, you’ll see a bunch of AI-suggested headers & questions to use in your content, taken from SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and forums like Reddit and Quora for your target search query.

You can add to your draft layout, click the Add button next to these content ideas, and then rearrange and reword as needed.

NeuronWriter will automatically populate each section with some notes as you drag headers into your outline. Notes include key terms to add as well as a link to competing articles that cover the same category to help you research.

Once your outline is created, you can copy it to the editor with one click or save it as a template to use again later.

AI Content Writing

With NeuronWriter, you can create both domain-level and individual projects of any kind. This AI writing tool has a variety of detailed features. As an outline builder, summary generator and text writer ensure the quality of the content.

Article Draft Generator gives you all topics related to keywords and H1, H2, and H3 summaries. Instead of skimming through your competitor’s content one by one, you can find and add SERP titles and queries with just one click.

Hover over the category you want to write in and click Generate.

NeuronWriter AI Content Writing Tools

You can import article draft outlines directly into the Content Editor tab or use your custom outline to start creating content. Once an outline is in place, AI can be a great tool to expand each title and efficiently create high-quality content.

With the power of powerful GPT-4, you can create long-form content with one click. For example, Suppose you want more control over AI-generated output. It’s great to use AI to create one section at a time with tools like Expand, Title, Description, Paragraph, and FAQ Generator. Apart from this content plan and topical plan tool it also significantly helps users to create relevant questions and topics with just one click.

The content ideas section helps significantly in analyzing your competitors’ blogs. and allows you to include SERP and AI-generated queries. This multiplies the relatability aspect of your overall content.

AI Content Writing

Overall, its quality is fairly good given that it is written by NeuronWriter AI Writing Tools.

Note: AI Writing Tools authors are not supposed to create content ready for publication like this. They are yet another workflow tool to help you significantly speed up your content writing process.

Besides, you have many additional templates to use for e-commerce business and YouTube descriptions. Above all, NeuronWriter’s AI writing tools act as content assistants to generate ideas and improve a piece of content. If you want an intelligent tool to speed up your content creation process, NeuroWriter could be an ideal AI Writing Tool for you.

AI Writing Template

In addition to blog articles, Neuron Writer can also be ideal to use to write all other types of marketing copy and content. All you need to do is to select the right template.

To browse NeuronWriter AI templates, open the Content Editor and select AI Writing from the toolbar by clicking.

Best AI Writing Template

There are more than 10 templates to choose from. They are Connected:

  1. Expand Text
  2. Rephrase Text
  3. Article Topic Ideas
  4. Article Outline
  5. Title
  6. Description
  7. Article Intro
  8. Paragraph
  9. Product Description
  10. Category Description
  11. YouTube Description
  12. Email

Let’s take you through a general overview of how all these templates work.

NeuronWriter email template

After selecting a template, you will be asked to enter some more instructions to work with the AI writer.

You just need to choose a tone of voice for the email content and set the maximum word count for the output. Optionally, you can add some bullet point instructions on what you want the content to cover. Then, click on Generate.

For our test, we selected an informal tone and asked NeuronWriter to write a generic thank you email for reading Startup Bonsai.

And it brought this up:

NeuronWriter email output

Again NeuronWriter Review, it’s not too bad, but it’s not perfect either. Of course, the tone is good and it definitely reads like a thank-you email.

Neuron Writer even had the smart idea to promote specific posts in email. But the problem is that the posts it suggests aren’t anything we’ve published, so I’m not sure where it came from!

Still, it’s a strong base to work from. With a little editing, I’d probably be happy to send an E-mail like this.

Content Ideas

You’ll see two more tabs next to the Content Terms tab in the side panel of the content editor, Ideas and YT.

Content ideas

You’ll see a bunch of suggested H1s, H2s, and H3s from your top search competitors’ pages under the Ideas tab. NeuronWriter also suggests questions to answer based on People Always Ask and Google Suggest.

On the YT tab, click Get YouTube Ideas and NeuronWriter will pull up links to all the top-ranked videos related to your target search query.

YouTube Content ideas

You can open it on YouTube for research and click on any of these videos.

Content Optimization

Neuron Writer doubles as one of the Best AI Content Writing Tools and an SEO Optimization Tool.

To the right of the content editor, you’ll see an optimization pane with AI-generated suggestions to help you rank for your target keywords. Neuron Writer AI Content Writing optimization tool grades your content based on your competitors’ keywords and SEO performance. You will get a tailor-made SEO score created by AI depending on the competitors you selected while planning the content.

You can provide a custom competitor list or use the top 10 or more competitors as your SEO benchmark to measure content optimization levels. Your content score is evaluated based on keyword inclusion, meta title, meta description, structure, title, keyword usage, and content length.

AI Content optimization tools

You’ll see a Content Score widget at the top, which tells you how well your content is currently optimized for search on a scale of 1 to 100. You can see your top competitor’s score next to it, which can be a good benchmark to aim for if you’re trying to outperform the competition.

You’ll see a ton of NLP terms under the Score widget, in the Content Terms tab. These are words and phrases that Neuron Writer recommends you include in your article based on its SERP analysis.

The same terms appear frequently in all other top-ranking articles, so the idea is that adding them to yours will increase your topical authority and increase the chances of your article ranking. The more you add, the higher your content score will be.

Plus, you’ll get keyword suggestions for header and body content to make sure the content is optimized overall. You can import curated keyword lists using SEO tools such as Scalenut, Ahrefs, or Semrush with one click. Overall, content optimization tools ensure that your content outranks your competitors and ranks higher in the SERPs.

Selection of Competitors

Once done, you click on the title or pencil icon and start the contestant selection process.

Selection of Competitors

It opens a new screen for you that lets you choose from the top 30 results for lead generation.

NeuronWriter Selection of Competitors

You will find the following features included

  • Rank
  • Content scores
  • Word Count
  • Page title
  • URL

Filter out irrelevant results and select those that satisfy your keyword’s search intent.

This means I can filter out unnecessary sites like forums. This is inappropriate for reference in blog posts.

It is also recommended that you choose at least 5, but I would go with the default of 10.

Competitor analysis

NeuronWriter provides many competitive insights. Such as: in-depth SERP analysis, generating content ideas, link suggestions, and more. All this information helps you find competitor’s content gaps and opportunities that you can capitalize on

It includes a full breakdown of competitors’ content structure, text, ranking keywords list for top pages, and related keywords in your SERP page analysis report.

Competitor Analysis

Outline the top 10 blog posts by neatly analyzing your competitor structure. It helps to compare all your competitors’ content under one tab and identify gaps in your content. You can also find common structural patterns that make all of your pages rank higher in the SERPs. Moreover, you can easily filter the overview based on H2, H3, and headings to analyze existing content.

Competitor Analysis

The Competitors Content Breakdown section presents a visually appealing graph of competitor internal and external links, page authority, and domain authority to illustrate whether a piece of content ranks higher due to its overall SEO or is a keyword-low-hanging fruit.

On and off page Competition

A content contest will be on the top left, with an indication of your website’s index status on the right.

Scrolling down, you’ll see a bunch of details on your competitors’ on-page and off-page parameters.

The Package Includes the Following:

  • On-page metrics – content score, title, language, content length, word count, and readability.
  • Off-page metrics (By Moz)- Page Authority, Domain Authority, Page Rank, and External Links.

Competitor-Analysis graph

The graph also plots your content volume and quality based on language, readability, and content scores to help you Understand how each SEO factor contributes to your competitors’ SEO performance.

SEO performance

Additionally, the compilation of your related keywords and all competitor keywords helps users target profitable terms in-depth and easily find SEO opportunities without hours of research.

SEO opportunities

Internal linking plays a huge role in helping Google signal the relevancy of your website, which is good for Google. Often it becomes a challenge to find relevant links in your content list. However, with NeuronWriter, you can create highly relevant internal linking suggestions to add to your content.

Content management

Content management systems help you maintain an organized content workflow schedule. As mentioned earlier you can set a deadline and assign a writer when you plan the content. When a date is set, it will automatically update your content calendar to help you keep tabs on work progress. NeuronWriter will even serve as a built-in content calendar to help you plan and manage your content marketing strategy.

Content Management calendar

NeuronWriter lets you know when to scale your content efforts to meet the publication frequency you need. Since NeuronWriter supports WordPress integration, you can post scheduled content directly with your WordPress with just a few clicks.

Calendar tasks are color-coded so you can see at a glance which items are marked as Planned, Optimized, and Completed.

If you are a project manager, you can use the Teams tab to manage your team members.

Keyword ideas

Here, you will find a detailed list of keywords related to your query, which you can use to create different topic clusters.

You can also see a similarity score, which can help you decide whether to include them in the same article or a different article.

Keyword ideas

You can export and run the lists through a keyword clustering tool.

This is one of my favorite features because NeuronWriter offers industry-standard keyword research tools. For example Semrush or Ahrefs etc.

In the Content Terms tab, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of the different terms, their importance, where to include them, and their frequencies.

Ai keyword research tools

You can see it inside the main content editor but go here for detailed analysis.

Article Content Drafting

Return to content editor. This page is where you’ll do most of your work.

Article Content Drafting

As you can see it has loaded the information entered in the drafting stage.

On the right, you can see all the semantic keyword suggestions and once included in your content they are highlighted in green.

You’ll also find top competitor scores and other tabs, such as content terms, AI writing, and YouTube ideas.

As you progress through your blog posts, you’ll notice that the content score improves significantly. It works just like Surfer SEO, it does more.

Now you click on the magic wand icon “Draft Article” next to the content score.

Content Drafting

Define your article format by choosing different titles and questions from your competitors in this window.

NeuronWriter Competitors

Once you’re happy with the initial outline, Jast clicks “Copy to Editor” at the top to transfer it to your main editor.

The editor has all the necessary formatting options to write your blog post. However, I would have liked it if they offered the H4 to H6.

You can also find your frequently asked questions from the “Ideas” tab on the right, collected from people at Google and information sources from competitors.

ideas tab

I usually use this feature to include a few relevant ones in an FAQ section at the end of the article. You can also access YouTube videos for keywords.

Consider including relevant content in articles to increase your chances of ranking and some rich snippets for high results.

NeuronWriter Advanced Setting

Finally, you can use Neuronwriter in two ways, optimize existing content or write one from scratch.

To optimize existing content you simply enter the post URL in NeuronWriter. You can also include or exclude various HTML elements under “Advanced Settings”.

Alternatively, write one from scratch using NeuronWriter’s various AI tools.

Content creation with NeuronWriter AI writing tools

NeuronWriter isn’t only great for content optimization tools, but also a powerful AI writing tool.

Content creation with NeuronWriter AI writing tools

NeuronWriter has 4 types of AI content generation options:

  • Start Paragraph
  • Expand
  • Rephrase
  • AI Writing templates

Start Paragraph

This feature of NeuronWriter allows you to automatically generate the best complete paragraphs from just a few inputs. You can also add additional terms and phrases to give the model more context.

Although this is optional for you, I recommend you do it to get more accurate and best relevant AI-generated content.

Start Paragraph

You can adjust output length, creativity settings, and different OpenAI models such as (GPT-3.5-turbo and text-davinci-003). And since the NeuronWriter team has incorporated the latest language models, the output is more relevant and realistic without any fluff.

I can say with no doubt that it will be better for you than the AI output of Surfer.


Expand text

Its extended feature can take an input of up to 1000 characters and tries to predict additional relevant text. It also uses the latest GPT models, so the output from many iterations is greatly improved than before.



It works the same way, but instead of Rephrase creating new text, Rephrase changes words around to convey similar meanings. You can use this to avoid theft or find a better way to deliver messages.

I suggest you edit and check it yourself to be safe.

AI Writing Templates

You can alternatively click on “AI-Writing” on the right which has 2 tabs side by side.

  • Standard Templates
  • Advanced Templates

AI Writing Templates

You can use the previous 3 options and other mind-blowing cases.

Plagiarism Checker

Once you have finished writing your article, use the built-in plagiarism checker to ensure it doesn’t contain duplicate or plagiarized content. It’s always worth doing this when working with AI because you definitely don’t want to get penalized by Google.

To use the plagiarism checker, click the plagiarism check button. This may take a few minutes to complete depending on your content.

Plagiarism checker

Once this is done, it will tell you what percentage of your written content is unique, and if similar sentences are found elsewhere, it will tell you so that you can check the source yourself and modify the content yourself as needed.

You’ll be delighted that NeuronWriter also offers a built-in plagiarism checker powered by PlagiaShield.

Just click on the icon above and get a full report.

Plagiarism checker full report

They will highlight duplicate content, and you can also see which source it came from.

Exporting your content

Once this is done, you can export your content in 4 formats. For example: Raw HTML, Minimal HTML, DOCX, and Formatted Text.

Exporting Your Content

You can choose to export editor content via:

  • Raw HTML: Text without decoration. such as bold, italics, and hyperlinks. This format is profoundly useful when copying and pasting text into other applications or platforms that do not support HTML formatting.
  • Minimal HTML: Retains basic HTML formatting elements as well. such as paragraph breaks, bold, italic, bullet points, & hyperlinks. Minimal HTML is helpful when you want to maintain basic formatting when transferring content to a platform or application that supports HTML, such as WordPress.
  • DOCX: DOCX file for Microsoft Word. This is crucially helpful when you need advanced formatting or collaborating with others using the same software.
  • Formatted Text: This output format usually includes more extensive formatting options than minimal HTML. Formatted text is ideal for creating visually appealing and Well Organized content with a consistent style

Alternatively, you can export via WordPress integration if you prefer.

WordPress Integration

NeuronWriter can be integrated with WordPress CMS. So you can easily publish the content you write in the Neuron Writer app directly to your WordPress CMS with one click without copy-pasting.

You Can do this very easily, Just click on the WordPress icon in the content editor toolbar.

WordPress Integration

In addition to exporting content to WordPress, you can also import content from WordPress into the content editor. This is useful when you are auditing your website and want to improve the SEO of your existing pages or simply refresh the content.

Google Search Console Integration

One last feature to mention that you’ll be very happy with is NeuronWriter Google Search Console integration.

You can click the plug icon in the top navigation bar to connect your Google Search Console account and configure access settings.

Google Search Console integration

Once you have done this, you will be able to view the Google search console data from NeuronWriter. So you can see details about the keywords you are ranking for, traffic data, organic ranking position, cannibalization, etc.

You can then easily use these insights to inform your content strategy.

NeuronWriter Readability Test

NeuronWriter Readability Test

According to the results given above it’s not bad, I got a readability score of 10 when the recommended was 9.

Will NeuronWriter Be Good For You?

Neuronwriter can be a great tool for Bloggers, Agencies, Copywriters, SEO content writers, Content marketing teams, or anyone looking for a convenient way to optimize their content for Search Engine rankings.

NeuronWriter is one of the best value content optimization tools for you.

Neuron Writer Customer Support

Another favorite feature of theirs is that it provides customer support through live chat and email.

When I contacted them, it was a bot which they responded to fast instead.

It responded well quickly when I asked them if I wanted to test the app. But when again I asked a more personalized question, it conveniently went offline and they told me to email the response.

Alternatively, they have a Knowledgeable FAQs tab where you can find detailed answers to many common questions about NeuronWriter. If you are facing one of the common problems, it might be good for you to check there.

But I’m sorry, for more technical or unique issues, you will have to wait. Nevertheless, the quality of their responses was quite comprehensive and informative.

The NeuronWriter Roadmap

NeuronWriter Roadmap

NeuronWriter’s Roadmap looks impressive, to say the least.

It is clear to them that the team is consistently taking user feedback seriously and constantly improving the platform.

NeuronWriter Pros and cons

However, Neuron Writer provides enough content tools to generate high-level insights and help websites rank faster. But it has some advantages and disadvantages of its own. You should definitely compare the pros and cons of using this tool before choosing a payment plan. After running a trial with the NeuronWriter tool, we’ve compiled a list of these pros and cons.


  • NeuronWriter’s built-in plagiarism checker allows users to see if AI content is copying a competitor’s content.
  • Excellent UI and workflow. NeuronWriter has a fancy user interface that I liked. This keeps your workflow super simple: you just add a target search query, open the content editor, create, edit, optimize, and publish your content.
  • The platform provides workspace-sharing access to support team collaboration.
  • WordPress integration makes it relatively much easier for users to control and easily manage content publishing.
  • NeuronWriter’s in-depth competitor insights give users ample opportunity to rank higher in SERPs.
  • It enables easy and quick transfer of content to other workspaces like Google Docs and Microsoft Word.
  • Although the platform does not provide standalone keyword clustering tools, the topic map feature helps users find relevant content ideas with a single click.
  • Various AI models are available, such as ChatGPT (GPT – 3.5 – turbo), text-davinci -003, and GPT-4, to provide different levels of content support.


  • This AI Content Writing Tools content planning feature does not provide a keyword research tool to find profitable keywords.
  • The NeuronWriter automatic outline generator does not provide a usable outline, it only provides a framework.
  • Keywords are the main input of AI. So, it is imperative that users make sure they are using relevant keywords before creating an AI brief or outline.
  • Limited AI templates. To be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed by the number of AI templates that NeuronWriter offers. Most AI writers offer dozens of templates to cover a wide variety of content types, whereas Neuron Writer is limited to articles, emails, and descriptions.

NeuronWriter Appsumo Lifetime Deal

NeuronWriter Appsumo Lifetime Deal is currently available.

Use NeuronWriter and quickly research and analyze your competitors’ content and rank your content at the top of search results.

NeuronWriter Appsumo Lifetime Deal is a one-time payment which is a lifetime offer. It gave users lifetime access to NeuronWriter, an AI-powered writing tool that can help them create blog posts, articles, website copy, and social media content.

NeuronWriter Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Check Out On Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Features included in all it’s plans

  • Content writing with 20+ templates (GPT Engine and ChatGPT)
  • Helps analyze competitor SERPs
  • Advanced content outline
  • Internal Link suggestions
  • Easy-to-follow checklist
  • NLP Content Optimization
  • All languages (forms, forms, plurals, and synonyms) with NeuronWriter language models and many more.
60-day money-back guarantee. Try it for 2 months to make sure it's right for you!


  • One-Time Purchase Of $89
  • 2 Projects
  • 25 Content Analysis Questions for every month
  • 15,000 AI Credits for every month


  • One-Time Purchase Of $178
  • 5 Projects
  • 50 Content Analysis Questions for every month
  • 30,000 AI Credits for every month


  • One-Time Purchase Of $267
  • 10 Projects
  • 75 Content Analysis Questions for every month
  • 45,000 AI Credits for every month

Check Out On Appsumo Lifetime Deal


NeuronWriter Pricing Plans

Every plan includes Generative AI Templates, Advanced Draft Mode, Internal Linking, Schema Explorer, SERP Analysis, Chrome Extensions, and more.

NeuronWriter Pricing Plans

Currently, NeuronWriter offers the following 5 plans:
Bronze Plan: $19 Monthly
Silver Plan: $37 Monthly
Gold Plan: $57 Monthly
Platinum Plan: $77 Monthly
Diamond Plan: $97 Monthly

NeuronWriter’s basic plan starts at $19 for 2 projects and they offer 25 content writer analyses with 15k AI credits. Their Silver plan includes 5 project folders, 50 content author analytics, and 30k AI credits. Their Gold plan includes 10 projects, 75 content author analytics, and 45k AI credits.

Their Platinum plan includes 25 projects, 100 content author analytics, and 60k AI credits. Their Diamond plan also includes 50 projects, 150 content author analytics, and 75k AI credits.

You need to note that you can only get access to theft check, integration, and content management tools for their Gold, Platinum, and Diamond plans. All these AI plans are beneficial for users who have different content requirements.

Final Thoughts on The NeuronWriter Review

This concludes our review of NeuronWriter AI Content Writing Tools.

Overall, if you’re looking for an AI-powered writing tool to help you create blog articles quickly, NeuronWriter can definitely be worth your while.

Its clean user interface, one-click WordPress import or export, powerful SERP analysis tools, and SEO optimization tips are some of the features that make it a great choice for bloggers and content writers.

But while this is great for NeuronWriter blog posts, it may not be so hot for other types of marketing content. Its AI writing templates are limited, and there are no templates for things like PPC ads copy or Instagram captions.

So if you’re focusing on PPC or SMM instead of SEO, you might be better off looking elsewhere. If you’re still on the fence, we recommend you purchase it. Click the button below to sign up.

Check Out On NeuronWriter


NeuronWriter Alternative

WordHero – WordHero is a high-quality AI writing tool that helps you write blog articles, social media captions, emails, ads, sales copy, products, SEO descriptions, marketing ideas, and even poems and song lyrics in just 1 click!

Rytr – Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content in seconds for blogs, ads, emails, social media, and more!


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