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What is

AISEO is an online copywriting tool designed specifically for content writers, freelancers, and content managers to create unique and engaging content for their blogs, posts, assignments, or social media. This tool lets you translate your ideas into blogs and write for you at the push of a button. The goal of AISEO is to create duplicates for you, not just any duplicates but ones that are unique and 100% free. It employs artificial intelligence and is programmed with accurate guidelines on how to develop SEO-optimized content, so you always get SEO-optimized copy. In addition, it provides long-form support that accelerates and improves the quality of your blog articles by a factor of ten. With one click, this app improves the readability of your material by up to 2000 characters in Hemingway style. Users also get templates for copywriting, including custom templates, branding, advertising, brainstorming, and blogposts. In addition, it offers a free paraphraser to help you find completely free paraphrased articles in seconds.

AISEO Free TrialAISEO AppSumo Lifetime Deal

AISEO Appsumo Lifetime Deal’s Writing Assistant lets you create an SEO-optimized blog post with just a few clicks. The long-form assistant creates a paragraph with just one click, which makes your workflow surprisingly fast.’s assistant Hemingway style also improves the readability of your blog with one click.’s Writing Assistant lets you optimize, improve, rewrite and shorten blog posts in one place.

Features of

But let’s dive straight into the Long Form Assistant. Here you can see that you can either start from scratch or you can go through their blog post workflow. I’ll choose to go through their blog post workflow now. And here is our search query, with this article and the title of the article we have to choose the location of what we want to notice.

Look here already I want them to be able to create a title based on the search query but let’s just go ahead and fill it out. So I chose the top five WordPress cache plugin search queries. I chose the United Kingdom as the location and the title is: Here are the top five best WordPress cache plugins. So let’s create this new SEO document. So you can see now that we’re here, and now we have to describe what this whole blog post is going to be about.

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Add some keywords and a title and where they can actually create the title. So this is a bit confusing but let’s start with the meta description to get started. So I’ve now filled in a meta description, some keywords. And now let’s try to create some headlines based on this. So you can see right now that they’re showing animation where it says magic is happening and this generation of content is taking a little longer.

If you ask me, I’ve seen it much faster. But now you can see that we’ve got lots of undefined titles which means they couldn’t create content. Here are the top ten free WordPress caching plugins. You need to activate the caching plugin. This title is awesome.

So let’s try and create some headlines again. Now we got some different ones. Again, we get much undefined. Not the best user experience, but I prefer one here where it says there are eight WordPress caching plugins that improve speed and user experience. Let’s pick it up. So now we have titles, and they have created some different roles for us now.

All we have to do now is read these introductions and then see which one is the most appropriate, the article we are writing now. And then go with that one. Since I mentioned eight WordPress caching plugins in my title, I will go with the first one where it is mentioned: these eight can help reduce your site loading time by up to 64%. And at the moment it’s only showing two here, but we can always add more later.

So let’s go with it and then at the bottom we can either recreate or we can just go to the editor. So now we are on our way to the editor where we can wrap up our article. So this is the editor, and you can see our title and our role are already here. All I do is go to the outline and then I wait for the SERP data to come out. When the SERP pulls out the data, we can create our profile.

Plans and Features

In the SERP section, you can see that it is extracting data right now. And based on my tests, it doesn’t always show me so much data in this section. So let’s see how it goes. So you can see here that it contains an H1 from and then a lot of text below it. We can go to the next one and see Monster Insights or here it looks six different. Athemes only one H1. And then we have, which shows the seven best WordPress caching plugins.

So let’s go back to the outline here and select an outline. So you can see that these are all taken from the SERP, so they are already written and published on Google. But from HubSpot here I like. So let me say that I want to add at least WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache, WP-Optimize also W3-Total Cache, and then we have to choose four more of these. I also like this title here, to speed up your site, and then we need a concluding title. So let’s go back to the editor because now we have the complete outline, so we can copy the titles to our document, and then you will see that it is ready.

All I can do is if we delete the outline I just created, I can just click on the AI ​​draft, and then it will create a complete draft based on the SERP. So let’s see what we get back from this. It is now made for the whole article, and you can see that it is very messy. If you click around the article while writing AI for you, you will get complete chaos. So let it finish writing all your articles and then you can read them.

But the generated content is not blowing me away, to be honest, because here, for example, we are talking about a cache enabler that is created by KeyCDN. But the created text is talking about WP Super Cache, which is a completely different cache plugin. Below is a generic headline that talks about what you can do without these caching plugins to speed up your site. And what it did instead was just take the W3-Total Cache and talk about it. The conclusion here is talking about WP Rocket and WP-Cache, not really wrapping up the whole article.

Then here we have a short line about Hummingbird again, something about WP cache, and so on. So this is a complete mess right now. It takes a long time to wrap it up and make it beautiful and rewrite some text. But this is just one example. And I believe that if you try a different example, your blog has something more to do with it, you can make it work for you.

And sometimes with these AI copywriting tools, it just doesn’t work for your writing style. Based on your writing style you really need to find one that gives the best results. But we can, of course, write manuals if you want. Or we can write here with AI. So, if you have a title called WP Super Cache, you can simply ask to write with AI and then it will start writing for you.

So as you can see here it is talking about customizer quality, variability, and much more. I understand where it’s coming from, but it’s not very readable. So, again, this AI writer is not the best to work with me. Better yet, but with some optimization, it must be great because they have questions about the SERP that we can create. They have, of course, the SERP categories you just saw.

Then they have NLP terms, SERP information, and I’ll show you in a moment. So you can see all these questions have been generated now. And you can take these questions in your article and then answer them in your article. Now let’s move on to the NLP terms.

Here we can find out all the NLP keywords used around our search phrase. So you can see that, of course, WordPress Cache Plugin, WordPress Caching Plugin, Generally Plugin, Website Cache, Website Webmaster Tool, and much more. These are the different types of keywords that are used around our search phrases. So here, for example, they are talking about Monster Insights. Maybe I should add a section talking about Monster Insight so that section can be noticed by those who are doing some research on Monster Insight and WordPress caching plugin.

AISEO Free TrialAISEO AppSumo Lifetime Deal

So this is really great data to use in your article in detail. Then we have the SERP information here and these are taken from all the other articles. You can see it. For example, here are the eight best WordPress caching plugins. We can create some information, so it pulls the information from this article.

Let’s see what we get back. So here are four facts about WordPress caching plugins where it talks about the caching plugins that can help you speed up. That’s right. A caching plugin is a web service that, in order to speed up the loading of the site, is correct

Etc. So it’s only decent if you need some information or some idea about what you can write. Now all you can do, as we have seen in, is their template. So, if you want to create a specific type of blog post, you can see if there is a template for it, or you can add your own custom template.

But suppose I want to create an ad title, then I can use this template here where I type the company name, visitors, company description, and keywords. So it’s actually theoretically a small-sized content tool that you can use because we have FAQ ideas for blog ideas, blog posts, media descriptions, and much more. But the thing is, when you go to a long-form editor, your mindset is not to create short-form content. Your mindset is to create long-form content. So, I really like the idea of ​​this template.

They shouldn’t necessarily be here because I don’t go to long-form editors to write an Instagram ad or a Google ad. So that’s definitely something I would change. Then they have a public library here which is a template created by the users in AISEO. And here you see that we have the role of a newsletter, having ideas based on a topic and comparing products and features one by one. So this is also a template that you can use if you don’t really know how to create your article.

And it not only makes it unique, but it also helps you create better articles, and hopefully, it will rank better on Google. The editor here, it’s still a bit boogie. It’s still hard. I can’t use shortcode, for example, the editor and I can’t change it to H2 if I want to. I can only change a text, list, checklist, or quote. But all I can do is improve readability.

In readability, it tells you which is harder to read, which is a little harder to read, which is more complex. In addition to the term, those words are complex words. And this, when it is completely red, means that this sentence is very difficult to read. So what you want to achieve is of course these texts where it is completely transparent. There is nothing wrong with that.

AISEO AppSumo Lifetime Deal

It’s easy to read, it’s not passive and it’s not a complex phrase. So this is a great add-on to make sure all your articles are easy to read. Because if you write an article that is too complicated to read, your visitors will return to your competitor’s website. You also have the contents stored in the dashboard which are the documents that I am creating. You can then get more credits in the rewards section where you can review them on specific websites and then you get more credits for creating content.

They also have a complete guide section on how to create an article that ranks you on Google. If you want tips and tricks you can see it, but this is the AISEO platform.

And in front of you, with your main tools:

  • Long-form Assistant
  • Copywriting Templates
  • Readability improver
  • Blog Post
  • Content Paraphraser

The tool I’m going to show you in this review is a long-form assistant because it actually covers all of these templates as well.

So, before we jump into the Long Form Assistant, let’s quickly cover all of these other tools as well.

CopyWriting templates

Copywriting templates will display a complete list of templates that you can start using. review Copywriting Templates

And these templates are basically the framework for each of these styles.

Readability improver

After that, you get to improve reading Readability. Readability improver

This is where you will paste the text and it will tell you how difficult or easy it is to understand the text.

Content Paraphraser

And then you get the content paraphraser that you can paste any kind of text in this box and it will translate it for you.

Content Paraphraser

And finally, let’s jump to Long Form Assistant, and here, like Inkforall, is another AI SEO Writer tool that will give you two options:

  1. Start from Scratch
  2. Blog post Workflow.

Blog post workflow

I’m Going to go Ahead and Start from Scratch.

And since AISEO focuses on SEO as well as content writing, it will ask you a few questions about what your blog post is going to be.

And first, you see that it’s going to tell you how many titles you have, the word count, and the suggested word count we’re moving on.

After that, we have readability grades and it is going to tell you how old you are or what year your textbook is being read to us.

And then right next to it, you also have the “Write with AI” button, which actually uses the AI ​​feature to write text for you.

On the right, you can create outlines, SERP options, queries, paragraphs from bullets, and various copywriting templates.

And the nice thing is that they’ve got a great “add custom template” field so if you keep writing in a certain format, you can actually keep all the information that you would normally use over and over again and start generating accordingly. review

You’ve also got a tutorial that connects you to YouTube, and will give you a 5-minute video going through it.

Your main editor area kind of sounds like a document. And if you double-click on the text, it will show all these options where you can convert it to bullet point, add a link, add a marker, etc.

A2Z Digital Marketing

You can also add sections, just hover anywhere on the page, and this will give you all the layout options like tables, etc.

How to write an article with AISEO

Now I will show you how to write an article with AISEO.

So, in the title, I’m going to go ahead and just type “AI in digital marketing” and then I’m going to save, even though it updates the document and I’m going to click create information.

And there you have it.

Ai in digital marketing

For me, the Content is Really Great.

Of course, you need to apply the 80/20 rule, 80% of which is done by software and then 20% you are tweaking it.

This is actually a great start.

So, what I’m going to do is I’m going to click on the “Write with AI” button and see what’s going on from this part. Write with AI

I’m Really Happy with the way things are going. I can easily fill out this blog post because the copy is on point.

And if you notice, below, it says now that we’ve done 305 words and it’s being written in 9th grade right now.

So, let’s create an outline for our blog post.

So I’m going to outline and click “Create Outline”.

Aiseo outline generate

It has now come out with all these outlines; I’m actually going to get in because most of them are worth it.

So, I can add it to the document. And you can do it in two ways: you can click the add button or you can click the copy button.

We’ve added titles now and they fit really nicely. So, the title is:

  • What is artificial intelligence
  • The Current Ai Trends
  • How Ai Helps Marketers
  • The Future of Ai in Marketing
  • Building Ai-Powered Digital Marketing Campaign

Now, the Reason we add to this title now is that we’re going to fill in these titles and Start talking, but really, We want the Software to do it for us.

Under each of these subheadings, I’m going to go to the template section and where it says “Paragraph-Long Answer”. Review paragraph long answer

I can make a copy of these subtitles, paste it and put a question in there and then click generate.

And here is the full-out subtitle with relevant copy.

AISEO.AI Artificial Intelligence

So it actually made a really nice few paragraphs out there; I am going to point it out by leaving only one sentence so that it can finish it and get more in the hardcore answer.

Because at the time of making it, it has created something that is really compelling, something that will appeal to the reader, but it did not end the offer.

Maybe it just needs a bit of direction from me.

And I really like that it puts in a list format.

FAQ template

But one of the Last Things I want to do is add a FAQ area.

So now I’m going to click on FAQ ideas. And that’s normal for business, but I’m going to try to see if it will make a list of questions that people might ask.

aiseo FAQ Template

So, Actually, this is Really Good.

Featured snippet

For Each of These Questions, I can paste it into the Featured snippet list.

Featured Snippet

And for those of you who don’t know what a featured snippet list is, this is the short answer that Google SERP results show.

So, if you visit these categories, you can start getting a lot of traffic to your site.

It’s really good that they include it.


And finally, we want to shorten it, and we’re going to do it in a short area, so I can see if AI will finish the sentence for me.

aiseo Article Summary

So it’s not really bad at all.

We got 8 titles, it offers 7-9. Our word count is 800-1000. We got 1,062, and the reading grade is 7th grade, and we used about 30 credits.

Basically, I finished this blog post but I want to show you one of the best AISEO features which are SERP categories.

SERP section

And what you see here is that all the blog posts in the SERP results have been taken.

SERP Section

It can inspire you to include what you want in your article. However, let’s just say we want to add another category, all you can do is click:

  • Write for me
  • Paraphrase
  • Summarize

And AI will create the whole section for you.

So now, you can actually create your entire blog, not even writing, just using this feature and copying it.

There are currently two places where you can buy AISEO: the first is AppSumo, which will give you a lifetime contract, and the second is AISEO’s website.

However, I would actually recommend buying it directly from AISEO’s website, because then you won’t be deducted with credit. But let’s jump to these two pages quickly and I’ll show you what I’m talking about.

Plans and Features

  • Lifetime access to the plan
  • You Must Redeem your code (s) Within 60 days of Purchase
  • All Future plan Updates
  • 60-day Money Back Guarantee, whatever the reason
  • Long-form Assistant: Long-form Assistant like Jarvis with great inline tools
  • Wordtunes such as rewrite, expand, shorten, formal, creative, casual
  • “Write with Ai” with 3000 Characters Context (look back).
  • Access to Premium Blogpost Generator. Creating a complete SEO Blog post in just a few clicks
  • Have Access to SERPFacts
  • Create as many SEO Documents as possible with the Credits you have
  • Each SEO Document, SERP Exclusion, Consumes 20 credits
  • Content Writer: lets you write up to 40,000 characters in one click
  • Uniqueness As 70-100%
  • Improve Readability: Improve the Readability of your content up to 3000 Characters
  • You will be Able to Paraphrase in 26 Languages (and more coming soon)
  • Including copywriting templates (ads, brains, blog posts, and custom templates)
  • SEO is automatically suggesting keywords for your copy.
  • Unlimited Custom Templates (you have complete control over the input/output of very Powerful Ai)
  • 250 Credits Per Month (each credit makes 100 words, total ≈ 25000 words)
  • Stacking information: Each Additional code = 250 Additional credits
  • Maximum 3 code stacks

Plans and Features

How does AISEO.Ai Work?

How does work?

We all know that writing is a long and difficult process. Many people do not have time to write content for their blogs. Others don’t know how to write to keep their audience interested. Even experienced bloggers can’t always afford to write an article every week.

We create AISEO.Ai to Solve this Problem. is an Automated Content Writing Assistant that helps you create and rewrite content and blog posts with just a few clicks. This is a writing assistant built on artificial intelligence. can create unique and theft-free content for your blog. It uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to Understand your content and then Rewrites it to make your content more interesting and relevant to your subject. It comes with a Simple Editing tool that lets you edit the content before publishing.

Why is needed?

We all know the importance of time on the Internet, And how many people on the internet don’t have it. People want to spend less time on certain tasks, including blogging. Sometimes they don’t like to write them at all.

This is why many bloggers are happy to buy or rewrite blog posts, but the truth is that the percentage of bloggers is very low. This is because it takes a lot of time, effort, and money to do this kind of work.

AISEO Free TrialAISEO AppSumo Lifetime Deal

How is the Perfect Solution for Creating Content?

Everyone knows that content is king, but the biggest problem with content creation is that it is a very time-consuming process. is the First writing assistant that Allows you to Create Content in the shortest possible time with the help of Artificial Intelligence. is the Only System that Enables you to Create Unique Content on a scale. When you have a new idea for a blog post, you don’t have to wait days or even weeks to Create a Finished version of an author.

This is why AI SEO optimizes your new blog post in a fraction of a second, so you can start sharing as soon as you create it. AI SEO lets you create blog posts on any topic that ranks high on Google and is easy to use.

AISEO.Ai Pricing

AISEO AppSumo Lifetime Deal

AISEO runs a lifetime deal on Appsumo and you can get it for $ 49, here is a list of all the features you will get.

AISEO AppSumo Lifetime Deal

However, a Purchase of $49 will give you 250 credits per Month. And if you Purchase an Additional code, it will give you 500 credits per month.

While not a Groundbreaking Contribution to the genre, it is also a great way to get Acquainted (gain, obtain) with people you know and loves.

Now, let’s jump to AISEO’s pricing page and see what they have to offer.


Aiseo Alternatives

The best Alternatives for AISEO are Rytr, Jasper, Writesonic, Grammarly Business, Semrush,, Scalenut, &

AISEO User Reviews

AISEO Customer Reviews AISEO Customer Reviews AISEO User Reviews AISEO User Reviews

AISEO Free TrialAISEO AppSumo Lifetime Deal

The final word in the AISEO Review

So, what are my thoughts on AISEO, especially using it for the first time and going through it as a pretty new user?

Really, and I’m glad to say it, I actually thought the quality of the outputs was really good.

Going back to what I said at the beginning of this AISEO review, when it came to credits, as you can see, I actually gave about 20 to 30 credits on that one blog.

So, depending on the length of your blog post, you will be able to get 5 or 6 by using the software and pushing it to the top and month.

But if you go with the actual price point from the website, well, you will be able to write an unlimited amount, so really worth the money.

In general, these Appsumo Lifetime Deals are really good, but not at this time For this particular AI copywriting software, it is better to get it directly from the official website.

And again, if you enjoyed this review and would like to share your appreciation, I have put my links below for you.

Thank you so much for reading.

AISEO AppSumo Lifetime Deal



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