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Host Stage Review

Web hosting preserves your company’s digital presence. It’s the bedrock that increases page load times and adds safeguards to keep hackers out of your system. Some companies rely on web hosting to keep their websites operational during traffic surges. If you want to expand your company and reach customers online, you’ll need effective web hosting from a company like Host Stage.

Host Stage Web Hosting

Web Hosting That Increases Your Traffic

Web hosting isn’t only a way to keep your website operational. Surprisingly, web hosting impacts your SEO. Working with the right company can help you rank higher for keywords and strengthen your domain authority. Search engines assess many variables when deciding how to rank web pages, including page speed. Most visitors will not wait more than five seconds for your website to load.

Host Stage Review

Today’s consumer expects fast load times. Host Stage can trim time off your load time and get you closer to a two-second load time. Their Powered LiteSpeed Web Server and Dedicated PHP Process resources load 28 times faster than the default options. This advantage helps with SEO and enhances the user experience. Better load times help companies retain customers and strengthen relationships. Visitors who think your website takes too long to load may think your company is unreliable. 

Host Stage’s website hosting services also provide SSL certification for your site. SSL protects your data from hackers and stops them from creating a fake version of your website. Search engines give preference to websites with SSL certifications.

Protect Yourself From Cyber Attacks

An SSL certification will add an extra layer of protection to your website, but Host Stage doesn’t stop there. Host Stage’s shared hosting plans come with daily backups. Some hackers delete data or force you to pay a ransom to reclaim your data. Cyber hacking is a big industry, and having a data backup prepares you for the worst. 

Host Stage Hosting Security

Host Stage does more than prepare you for the worst with a data backup. Their cybersecurity features continue protecting your website even when you’re offline. A shared web hosting solution comes with On the Fly Malware Upload Detection & Removal. If hackers can’t get their malicious software into your system, they’ll have fewer options. Host Stage’s firewalls cut off even more choices. Firewalls prevent malicious software from entering your system. These protections make hackers’ lives difficult so you can safely operate your online business. 

Some hackers use DDoS attacks to slow down websites. Hackers implementing this strategy will flood your website with fake traffic, creating a digital traffic jam. Some websites can’t handle the extra traffic and stop functioning correctly. Prospects who want to visit your website will get an error message. Any downtime can cost you, new customers. Host Stage has Anti-DDoS Protection that keeps your website up for potential customers. The web hosting company understands how important it is for your website to stay up at all times. That’s why they provide a 100% Uptime Service Level Agreement across their web hosting solutions. This agreement is backed up with a 99.95% Hardware Uptime Certification making such SLA sustainable. Host Stage will provide a monthly credit issuance in the unlikely event of extended downtime. Host Stage only receives the full monthly payment when they keep the client’s websites fully operational.

Easily Integrate With Your WordPress Site

Host Stage offers a WordPress plugin that streamlines the integration. You can check Optimization Settings, CSS Settings, and other features straight from your WordPress dashboard. Website owners can install the licensed LS Cache plugin to enable a FastPath cache. This cache connects your website with MySQL Server Cache optimizations, resulting in a fast-loading website.

Priority Support

Help articles and FAQs can provide some clarity, but most business owners want to talk with a representative. Some web hosting companies leave customers frustrated about their lack of responsiveness or long delays. These delays get especially frustrating for time-sensitive issues such as website downtime and cyberattacks.

Host Stage Priority Support

Host Stage provides 24/7 Priority Support, so you can get your questions answered anytime. If you want to transfer your website to Host Stage, you should start with a simple transfer request. An incoming customer can file a support ticket, and the Host Stage team will take care of the transfer without any fee attached. This transfer comes with minimal to no downtime for your website, ensuring your visitors get the same experience. Host Stage customers can continue using this perk for the duration of their memberships.  

Affordable Pricing


Host Stage combines affordability and high performance into a bundle of shared web hosting services. Depending on your package, shared web hosting solutions are as low as $3.95/mo. Business owners can register a new domain through Host Stage, transfer a domain from another registrar, or use an existing domain and update the name servers. Businesses that want more storage space, domains, and WHM access can choose an Internet Marketing or Online Empire web hosting plan. Both plans start at $9.95 and $15.95, respectively.

Host Stage Pricing

All plans come with the previously mentioned cybersecurity protections and SEO advantages. Web hosting can take a small space in your budget while delivering outsized gains for your company. A faster load time and SSL certification will increase your SEO traffic, and keeping your website up will turn more of your visitors into customers. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Host Stage pairs its quality services with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This money-back guarantee lets you try Host Stage without worrying about losing money. If you don’t like their services or aren’t ready to make the investment in your business, you can back out and receive your money back. Host Stage keeps costs low while achieving superior performance in the industry. The refund policy gives you a chance to try Host Stage yourself and see if you want to commit to their web hosting services for the long term.  

Reliable Web Hosting Grows Your Business And Runs In The Background

Web hosting isn’t supposed to get exciting. Cyberattacks, downtime and slow page speeds frustrate business owners. Not all web hosting services address these issues or adequately answer your questions. Host Stage is different. Their protection measures keep your website up and secure. You’ll have more time to focus on growing your business without worrying about your digital infrastructure. A Host Stage representative will quickly respond to your message or take your call if you have any questions. 

Host Stage Shared Hosting

Host Stage is committed to providing you with superior web hosting services at an affordable price. You can visit their website to learn more about their shared web hosting plans and how to get started.


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