Divi Theme Review – The Most Powerful Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Divi Theme Review

Welcome to our Divi review! In this newsletter, we’ll take a deep inspect the internal workings of Elegant’s Divi theme, study the functions it offers, communicate approximately how to use it, check out the pricing, and finish up by giving you our verdict on whether or no longer it’s well worth the investment.

First things first: Divi is, of course, a highly popular Theme matter! Part of this popularity needs to be attributed to the reality that fashionable themes — the author of Divi — is the maximum famous independent WordPress issues store in the marketplace today. So, it makes sense that its flagship product is quite popular as properly.

However, apart from that, I need to be honest here and admit that Divi actually is an excellent theme matter that packs a ton of functions and gives you them in a bundle that’s clean to grasp (even for someone new to website building).

This novice-friendly nature is perhaps Divi’s largest selling factor. However, we’ll get to all that in a minute.

Let’s Start with the Basics:

What is the Elegant Divi WordPress theme?

As mentioned, Divi is the Flagship Creation of Elegant Themes. It’s what’s usually known as a mega theme. In other words, it’s just like a widespread WordPress theme, however higher, and larger… lots bigger.

Divi’s can serve more than one purpose and match any kind of Website. Essentially, no theme what kind of site you need to construct (and irrespective of the layout as nicely), Divi guarantees it can handle the task.

Furthermore, Divi is constructed with the beginner in thoughts. Everything from set-up to the interface, and the way you may cope with updates, afterward, has been built in a way that even a complete beginner can get the dangle of right away.

Divi WordPress Theme

In a nutshell:

  • Divi is a completely purposeful WordPress theme that works instantly out of the field. It doesn’t want any precise setup method past what you’d need to do with some other WordPress theme.
  • It doesn’t require you to have any WordPress coding enjoy or website building skills. For the maximum part, every customization is available via a reachable consumer interface.
  • You can do the maximum of your customizing right at the front stop. That means that alternatively of having to wonder what your modifications are going to appear to be on the stay website, you get a real-time preview as you’re doing all your customizations.
  • It lets you build simply any kind of design or format possible, whilst nevertheless the use of the equal theme.

Allow’s stick with that last aspect for a minute: Being capable of creating any layout is basically the primary trait of the mega theme style, so to talk. In different words, Divi doesn’t come with a dedicated design in step with se; it doesn’t force any layouts or patterns on you, however rather lets you tune the theme to your liking through its many options panels.

This is exactly what makes Divi clearly multipurpose.

Another component well worth discussing is how Divi relates to the other web page builder answers on the market — in particular, those along with Elementor or Beaver Builder.

At the cease of the day, Divi theme is a solution that’s a chunk greater complete than Elementor or Beaver Builder. This is basically down to the fact that it’s an all-in-one answer.

For instance, to make both Elementor and Beaver Builder work, you want a separate WordPress theme to go along with the theme. So, ultimately, what you emerge as with is most in all likelihood a totally primary theme that serves as the shell that homes your Elementor or Beaver-constructed pages.

In that light, Divi is just greater convenient. It not only comes with its superior page builder capability out of the container, however, it’s also a theme in itself, so that you don’t need any additional shell theme to make theme paintings.

Divi WordPress Theme

How to Use Divi WordPress theme?

Considering the fact that Divi is a top-class theme (extra at the pricing in a minute), you couldn’t find it via WordPress.Org’s default theme listing. Alternatively, you need to go to fashionable themes, join the membership, and get your personal ZIP document containing the theme.

Once you have the ZIP report, it installs like every other theme —Through the panel found in Appearance → Themes → Add New → Upload Theme.

While you’re done with the setup and have the theme matter energetic, you may proceed to the theme matter’s most important settings. Divi has its personal menu within the fundamental sidebar wherein you may locate the hyperlink to that settings panel:

How to Use Divi WordPress theme

There’s, in reality, numerous stuff you can alter there, however, if you may be afflicted to undergo all which you don’t in reality must. Or, at the least, adjusting all these settings one by one shouldn’t be the primary component you do with Divi.

The satisfactory manner to without a doubt get to recognize Divi is to create a brand new homepage for your website. That’s precisely what I’m going to do in this Divi overview.

All of it works just as you’d anticipate. First, you need to create a clean page and assign it as the front page in Settings → analyzing. Next, you may continue to edit the web page with the Divi Builder.

The way the web page builder portion of Divi works could be very similar to the alternative builder answers available on the market, which includes Beaver Builder or Elementor.

Here’s a quick rundown of Divi’s page enterprise shape:

Your web page’s content incorporates sections… that can contain one or extra rows… which in turn can comprise one or extra columns… which ultimately include character content blocks.

Sounds complex, perhaps, but it’s honestly pretty clean to understand after you begin running with Divi. Here’s an instance web page structure (you can see all the critical elements — sections, rows, and content material blocks interior columns):

Elegant Themes Divi Theme Review

Juggling all of these rows, columns, and content material blocks is how you assemble a page with Divi.

To get started, proceed to edit your homepage, and click on the big button that announces Use The Divi Builder.

The Divi Builder

This will release the primary Divi visual builder. At this stage, there aren’t lots there, but this may all alternate in a second.

To make getting began less complicated, you can pick something from the available layouts that come inside the field with Divi.

There are a variety of thrilling layouts to pick out from, and that they’re all only a search away, with some examples indexed properly.


The one drawback is that you can’t simply see what a selected layout looks as if before loading it onto your web page. However, this isn’t a large ache, on account that selecting a template format is something you’ll probably only do at the beginning degrees when working on a given web page, so you received’t threaten to lose any actual content.

The manner of importing the format works very easily, I have to admit. All you need to do is click on the layout you need, and it’ll be imported in a count of seconds.

Another cool feature expecting you at the lowest of the page is the tool preview toolbar.

Divi device preview toolbar

With it, you could switch the preview window between computer, pill, and contact views. Also, you may zoom in and out to see the whole web page from a chicken’s eye view.

In case you want to, you could additionally use the equal toolbar to exchange to the wireframe view, which focuses greater on the sequence of the content material blocks in your web page and their settings, rather than on their character appearances. This could be useful when operating on a larger page.

Divi multipurpose WordPress theme

On the theme of the use of the primary builder interface, I have to mention it’s an alternative intuitive and doesn’t depart many questions unanswered. You may basically hover your mouse cursor over any element, and the available options will appear automatically.

Other than that, you could click on quite a whole lot of any piece of textual content you notice on the web page and edit it at once. You get to use all of the usual text-processing tools you’d assume (bold, italic, charges, font length and sort modifications, and so on).Divi WordPress Theme

As for the character rows and sections, you may realign them freely just by grabbing one of them and dragging it into the region.

But, of direction, Divi isn’t best approximately enhancing a present layout and bending it in your will — there’s a lot greater looking forward to you.


Divi Multipurpose WordPress Theme ​Features

In this first section, I want to explore the distinctive “elements” of the Divi theme matter so that you recognize what it includes. This may also help you recognize what’s happening inside the subsequent segment, in which I display you the way you can use Divi to create your website.

On this Divi assessment, we’ll be citing a number of the pleasant components of the usage of Divi. Some of those Divi features are in reality the highlights of this theme, they consist of:

Divi Builder

The Divi Builder is the maximum particular thing about the Divi theme in assessment to different issues obtainable. It’s a visible, drag-and-drop web page builder built right into your theme. You could think about it within the identical vein as different gear which includes Elementor seasoned, Beaver Builder, and many others. The important thing difference is that it’s constructed into the theme (although you may additionally get it as a standalone plugin model).

In case you’re now not familiar with those tools, they allow you to construct 100% custom designs with no need to recognize any code. You may do the whole thing from the visible, drag-and-drop interface. Think about them like Squarespace or Wix…but for WordPress.

You’ll paintings in a visible interface like under, wherein you can see exactly how your design will appear to traffic.

You could manipulate the layout with rows and columns, and you may add new content with the aid of including distinctive “modules”. As an instance, you would possibly have one module for a button, some other for a photograph, any other for a pricing desk, any other for a touch form, and many others.

Each module (and row/column) gets its personal specified settings that assist you to control features, styling, spacing, and so on. For instance, in case you’re enhancing a touch shape module, you may manage the form fields, patterns, notifications, etc.

By using placing the entirety together with drag-and-drop and editing the settings, you could create your personal custom designs without ever interacting with code. Once more, that is the “killer app” that Divi has over other issues.

Divi Theme Builder

Divi theme Builder makes use of the equal Divi Builder interface which you noticed above. But, the important thing difference is that it helps you to apply the Divi Builder to your theme templates. As an instance, you may use it to design your theme header or the weblog theme a template that all of your blog posts use.

This allows you to customize one hundred% of your web page the usage of the Divi Builder visible interface, which is an absolutely effective characteristic. As an example, you can create one template for your blog posts after which all your blog posts would robotically use that design – no need to manually recreate the design whenever.

Or, you can even create one-of-a-kind templates for blog posts in different categories, which opens up a number of flexibility.

Eventually, it’s not just for blog posts! You can also use it for other sorts of content material. For example, if you have a WooCommerce store, you may use this feature to create custom templates on your single product pages and shop layouts.

Divi Library Templates

At the same time as the Divi Builder offers you the energy to construct 100% custom designs from scratch, you also shouldn’t because Divi comes with a massive template library. These are pre-made designs that you can import after which 100% personalize using the Divi Builder.

Presently, Divi has over 1,383 pre-made layouts that you may choose from, divided into 187 layout packs. A layout pack is a themed collection of templates. As an instance, a group of templates focused on helping you create an eating place Website:

You may also shop your personal designs as templates to reuse them later. Or, you could keep man or woman sections as “international Modules”, which helps you to reuse one template in multiple spots and replace all instances simply by editing the unique template.

Divi WordPress Theme Customizer Options

To personalize the style and format of your theme, Divi uses the local WordPress Customizer. That is great as it helps you to preview any adjustments that you make in actual time. This works just like any other WordPress theme. As an instance, in case you need to customize your header, you may open those settings in the Customizer and make modifications:

Or, of the route, you could also skip these settings and just use the Theme Builder (greater on that later).

Divi Theme Options

In the end, Divi also comes with its personal backend theme alternatives location. You can use this region to control extra practical/integration/international settings. For instance, it lets you without difficulty add code snippets to the theme (along with the Google Analytics monitoring code):

Divi Theme 40+ Website Elements

Modules are the building block of the Divi WordPress theme and page builder. There are more than 40 modules or website elements to choose from that you could use consisting of call To action, Sliders, Galleries, touch forms, Testimonials, Blogs, Counters, comments, Portfolio, Pricing Tables, Dividers, and many more.

Bloom Email Optin Plugin


Divi Theme Drag & drop + responsive

The subsequent massive factor is that in place of editing a visual representation, you may be operating at the real stay blocks. You’ll be dragging the real pieces of content including headers, text, images, collectively with rows and includes. The whole thing you upload to a page or website is fully responsive, you may tweak the behavior of each element for specific devices.

Divi Theme No refresh – instant visual updates

The Divi Builder is powered by React, and a brand new paradigm in actual-time visible studies, which guarantees that whatever you do is up to date on the fly. You do not should perform any page refreshes to look at content updates, the whole thing is visible in real-time as you could see inside the various lively gifs in this article.

Divi Split testing functions

For a lot of the ones whose online presence revolves around consistent small improvements to enhance their business, Divi carries built-in cut-up checking out capabilities such that you may run tests and optimize for this reason.

Divi Additional WordPress themes and plugins

The purchase of the Divi WordPress Themes method that you get entry to to all the products by Elegant Themes. This includes the extra theme, a magazine WordPress Theme, the Bloom electronic mail decide-in plugin, and Monarch – a whole device for getting Extra shares and followers.

Divi Full Creative Control

Having access to this will deliver you to the new Divi theme Builder web page where you could see all the templates you’ve created and where they’re presently being applied to.

We defined a worldwide Header and worldwide Footer with a view to being displayed on all elements of the website. Then, we have different templates for All Posts, 404 pages, All category Pages, All merchandise, and blog.

As you could see, with the theme builder, you possibly can now layout ANY page or ANY components of a website. This is the energy of the brand new theme builder released these days.

Let’s have a chunk of a deeper appearance.

Divi Custom Headers and Footers

Commonly, you’ll want to create a worldwide custom header and footer templates first as the default website template.

After you’ve performed this, you could now customize these templates. Once you follow those, the header and footer of your website will alternate to show your custom new custom designs.

Before v4.0, you will want to install third-party plugins to personalize Divi’s header and footer areas. This is no longer important, you may customize the whole thing directly within the theme itself!

You may upload any factors to your header and footer. From navigation menus to trademarks to countdown timers and different dynamic content – quite an awful lot of all the forty+ Divi modules are to be had which will use.

Under, you could see what a page seems like in a default Divi installation.

With the brand new theme builder, this identical web page can now look like this. You can see that there’s a very new custom global Header and global Footer.

Whilst the body remained equal, the header and the footer are now completely custom-designed for your particular needs.

All of this is made feasible thanks to the Divi theme Builder.

Tip: this custom header and footer format template can be downloaded from the fashionable theme professional website!

Divi Theme Custom Body Layouts

Now that we’ve got visible the possibilities for the headers and footers, let’s take a look at what may be finished to the body of pages using Divi.

By means of now, you realize that you could use the web page builder to create custom pages, like your homepage, about page, or every other page. You Can even use it to create custom blog posts and Products!

In case you’re a dressmaker, you know it can get tedious to have to create a page builder template after which export it every time we need to create a brand new piece of content.

It might be an awful lot better if we may want to create custom body layout templates that may be created and edited once and be applied to the complete website! That is in which the custom body layouts are available to make life better.

With custom body layouts, you can exchange the structure of such pages as:

  • archive page
  • 404 pages
  • Search results page
  • blog posts
  • products
  • etc.

Divi New Performance Upgrade in the 2022 Update

Leaner, Clean code, Dynamic PHP, Smart layouts, Intelligent CSS, and other improvements help it score 100% on GTmetrix.

Divi Security

Even though WordPress is at ease enough no longer to have many security concerns, we recognize that there were extra than just a few vulnerabilities within the past few years. Divi has also had its vulnerabilities.

The wonderful element is that the team from fashionable issues may be very quick to reply to such security issues with activating updates to patch any flaws.

In general, Divi uses secure and safe coding security that cope with any safety worries like no other product. The subject has also been secured and authorized as secure via WordPress security organization Sucuri via a complete code audit.

Divi Documentation and User Support

There is plenty of help on Using Divi by Elegant themes. Moreover, if you Subscribe, The Elegant theme’s blog features daily blogs, tips, and tricks on how to get things done with their Products.

Facebook Support

There may be additionally a Divi Theme customers group on Facebook in which the community helps out every other. There are more than 70.3K members in this group at the time of updating this article.

Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

There are also numerous different unofficial Divi consumer businesses where members ask and help every different out with both fundamental and superior queries. And there are actually tens of thousands of articles approximately the diverse elements of the use of Divi.

In case you plan on the use of Divi however are not sure whether there’s enough assist, you can see from the above that there may be lots of locations to locate assist from.

Divi User Interface

Our Divi assessment starts offevolved with a strong consciousness on UI.

We are sure this is one of the most crucial factors that make a contribution toward figuring out which device you pick for building your website. An awesome WordPress theme has a sturdy cognizance of the person Interface to make certain the stop-user can get the maximum out of the product without feeling overwhelmed, burdened, or hampered by the UI.

This consumer Interface of Divi is intuitive, glossy, elegant, easy, smooth, and most importantly, speedy and snappy to work with.

This means whilst working, you will locate that the theme “guides” you to what you need to do subsequent, in the feel that it’s miles very easy to work with it.

Although older versions of Divi used to have the trouble of feeling very heavy to work with, elegant themes have been placing a variety of effort into performance and these days it’s miles a breeze to work with. Divi WordPress ThemeThe Divi builder is dead-easy to apply. In essence, to build pages, you first create a “structure” of the page, then drag and drop factors into them.

Once you’ve got completed this, just click on the + signal, add a Row or website detail after which customize it as important and on to the subsequent.

In case you need to test exactly a way to it really works you might need to strive jogging the online demo of the Divi that you could find under or test the beneath lively gif.

Ease Use of Divi Theme

We’ve already discussed how various aspects of Divi are very clean to use. However, we would like to stress this point even further.

The group from stylish theme have usually given the ease of using a concern within the development of their products. In preference to aiming their merchandise at experienced customers who understand it all and may figure things out despite the fact that they’re not too straightforward, stylish themes have taken the alternative route.

They devise merchandise that is clean to use for anybody. Whether it’s your first time growing a website, or your thousandth time, the usage of Divi is straightforward and intuitive.

This doesn’t mean that the product would not have a studying curve. In truth, Divi has a one-of-a-kind user revel in than that of the default WordPress according to see, so you’ll want a while to familiarize yourself with the way it works.

When you do even though, you’ll be greater productive than ever.

Languages Support

The Divi WordPress theme is completely multi-language enabled. Fashionable themes have long been understood that that be a crucial feature of any product and the feature made the Divi theme completely translatable into 32+ special languages!

That consists of also RTL languages way to the proper To Left assist, the theme can robotically transfer to RTL mode.

Divi Languages Support

Is Divi Theme Good for SEO?

Divi has been evolved as the flagship manufactured from one of the most popular carriers within the WordPress enterprise. Even As it can have had a few performance troubles in the past, This is no longer the case, and websites developed with Divi are Fast.

Of path, we might usually advocate an amazing caching plugin to help, which includes WP Rocket, collectively with an SEO plugin that includes SEOPress or Yoast that will help you maximize SEO scores.

Even as page developers, in general, rely closely on shortcodes and may create bloated code, this is typically no longer a hassle for the general public. In truth, such bloat generally comes from an unorganized development of content material and an excessive amount of reliance on 3rd party plugins and this will not be an issue for most people.

Divi Theme Pricing

The next part of our Divi review is something you’ll also need to consider – the price. The Divi theme is a premium product, but the pricing model is an original one in the WordPress space. Basically, instead of paying for the theme itself, You buy Access to Elegant Theme’s whole catalog of themes and plugins. The Great thing is there isn’t much to think about with an elegant Theme When it comes to Divi pricing.

Divi WordPress Theme

Divi Cyber Monday Special Discount

Currently running throughout the month of December.

Yep, you study that right! We are gifting away loose prizes to anyone who takes gain of our Cyber Monday sale these days. How does it paintings? Simple! Every person who buys right now will now not best get a Divi membership, they may additionally stroll away with a product from the Divi marketplace, absolutely free! It truly is merchandise for the price of one, plus you get a massive discount too. Remaining yr these prizes sold out in minutes, so do not waste too much time and claim your preferred prize earlier than it’s long past!

Hold On! 🖐 Our Cyber Monday Sale Ends Soon!

This is the only time of the yr that we provide our biggest cut price ever. Plus, all people who buy these days get a free bonus prize, some of which can be really worth even extra than the Divi membership! Oh yeah, you furthermore might get special perks and Divi subject matter Builder packs. Once the deal is over, it may not be lower back for an entire year.

To Purchase the Elegant themes Membership, you have 2 options:

  • One year of access/support – $67
  • Lifetime access/support – $187

Divi Cyber Monday Special Discount

You Simply Cannot beat the value offered by Elegant Themes. We haven’t come across any other offer like this one.

Regular price

One vital element to notice right here is that you get both the Divi theme and plugin model for an equal price. Past that, you furthermore may get other useful tools along with Bloom for email choose-ins (our evaluate) and Monarch for social sharing.

Divi Theme comes in two pricing options:

Divi Theme Pricing

For that charge, you get access to now not most effective to Divi however also to all the other Elegant Themes and plugins of fashionable issues.

  • Yearly Access
  • Lifetime Access

Yearly Access is priced at $89 While Lifetime Access is priced at $249.

  1. You may use Divi on unlimited websites (other WordPress themes require you to purchase a brand new license for every website)
  2. You get entry to ALL merchandise from elegant issues (consisting of the extra theme, Bloom, and Monarch plugins)
  3. You may use any of the 110+ complete internet site layouts.
  4. You Have Unlimited Support
  5. You have got a 30-day money-again guarantee.

But wait! – in case you are making plans to buy a Divi WordPress subject matter do have a glance under, because the elegant theme is currently running a 25% OFF offer at some point of December 2021 – combine this with the Lifetime access and you’ve got your self a fantastic deal!

Divi Theme Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Divi Theme Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Divi continuously ranks a few of the great-reviewed WordPress products within the global and fashionable theme is presently the top-rated software organization on Trustpilot and others! Divi has been reviewed thousands of times through real clients. Browse through all of our customer evaluations underneath to find out why Divi has grown to be the maximum famous WordPress theme of all time.

Divi Theme Customer Reviews

Final Thoughts Of Divi Multipurpose WordPress theme

The Divi theme and the Divi Builder is incredible product that you may buy with full peace of thought. There may be a motive why the Divi theme and builder were purchased via more than 700,000 human beings within the previous few years. It is because it’s far a strong product with great popularity.

It has the functionality to improve your productivity and your stop end result of creating a lovely website design. Most significantly, it’s miles tremendous easy to use and assist you to get the theme done. We endorse the Divi theme 100% for anyone who is thinking about it.

With the theme building capabilities in Divi 4.0, the Divi Builder is now even greater effect due to the fact you can additionally go past just designing posts and pages and also layout your theme header, footer, and templates for your blog posts, pages, and different content material (e.G. WooCommerce products).

The simply powerful aspect is that you could create a couple of templates and “conditionally” practice them to different elements of your site, which opens up quite a few useful options.

Whilst this takes greater work than a “plug-and-play” theme, it also gives you extra flexibility. Or, if you don’t want to construct the whole thing from scratch, you can continually import one of the thousands of templates.

Divi WordPress Theme

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