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An In-Depth Review of ChatSonic – The Creative AI Writing Assistant

ChatGPT Alternative Built With Superpowers - ChatSonic

ChatSonic is a groundbreaking new AI writing assistant that takes written content creation to a whole new level. With its highly advanced algorithms and deep analysis capabilities, ChatSonic provides custom-built and plagiarism-free content that is tailored to the user’s individual needs. Whether it’s a blog post, an essay, or a creative piece of literature, ChatSonic is a powerful and reliable tool for achieving superior written content.

ChatGPT Alternative Built With Superpowers - ChatSonic

## What Does ChatSonic Do?

ChatSonic is designed to produce original and exceptional quality content. It can create content in any format, from a blog post to an email or a poem. The AI takes into consideration the user’s individual preferences, writing style, and topics of interest, and then produces the best possible content. The AI also takes into account the user’s constraints, such as word count and timeframe.

ChatSonic is capable of producing up to 100 words of content in a single request. This makes it suitable for a wide range of tasks, such as generating content for website pages, creating email newsletters, writing creative pieces of literature, or even producing content for a blog post or an essay. Moreover, ChatSonic produces plagiarism-free content, allowing users to remain confident that the content they create is unique and of a high standard.

## How Does ChatSonic Work?

ChatSonic uses a combination of sophisticated algorithms and deep analysis capabilities to create tailored content. The AI-first analyses the task at hand and the user’s individual preferences, writing style, and topics of interest. It then creates a unique framework that is custom-built for the task at hand. This framework enables the AI to craft content that meets the user’s specific requirements, such as word count, timeframe, and topics of interest.

The AI then uses a combination of natural language processing (NLP) and AI-driven algorithms to generate high-quality content. The AI analyses the content that it has produced and assesses the quality and accuracy of the content. It then refines the content based on the user’s individual preferences and provides feedback on the final piece of content.

## Is ChatSonic Right for You?

Yes, ChatSonic is a perfect fit for anyone looking to produce high-quality content quickly and efficiently. Our AI-powered writing assistant is designed to understand the nuances of human language and can generate an accurate, comprehensive, and plagiarism-free piece of content in no time. Whether you’re looking for a blog post, an email, an essay, or a poem, ChatSonic has the tools to deliver.

ChatSonic Free Trial

ChatGPT Alternative Built With Superpowers – ChatSonic

NeuronWriter Review and AppSumo Lifetime Deals

NeuronWriter Review and AppSumo Lifetime Deals

Are you looking for the best content-writing tools? This is the best way to write high-quality content that will rank higher in search engines. I wrote this NeuronWriter overview after the use of it.

AppSumo Lifetime Deals

If you’re a content creator, blogger, or even an SEO expert running a business, you want to create content that will rank higher as search engines progress. However, Writing Quality content is not that Easy. Especially when you want to rank content.

Ai writing tool provides excellent features to rank our content. They show us instructions about meta, title, outline, FAQ, keywords and terms, and whatnot. This ultimately helps us write more helpful content for our users that solves their problems.

NeuronWriter is an Ai writing tool that gives a good content material editor and an interface to jot down perfect content material in less time. You can invest your saved time in other areas of your business. NeuronWriter is an entire answer for your content writing wishes, and here you could create correct and SEO-Optimized content. You can also use it to keep a record of your competitors on Google so that you can note down which important segments to focus on to engage more customers thereby increasing your sales.

However, all of us realize that the market for Ai tools has grown extensively. Choosing one tool over others isn’t easy. In this Article, I will compare NeuronWriter with otherS writing tools such as Surfer SEO or Writerzen.

NeuronWriter Overview

NeuronWriter is a modern content editor that incorporates NLP recommendations in terms of semantic models, Google SERP analysis, and competition data. It considers your requirements and helps you optimize your content You can start researching quickly by just specifying targeted keywords.

NeuronWriter Overview

NeuronWriter then predicts your competition’s good content, advises you on schemes to include, and informs you of what Google users are searching for. An integrated draft generator is available for building article layouts.

You can quickly add schemes to your content drafts and reorganize them to suit your needs. With 3rd generation generative pre-trained transformers and artificial intelligence you can start paragraphs. You can also search for good keywords related to your topic and create good SEO-optimized content. Invite your group members to collaborate on a project. Connect with as many colleagues as you need as a team. Your content is delivered quickly here, so you can easily publish it or export it to the desired area.

Today, search engine optimization has grown to be greater important than we will imagine. It governs the entire art of writing. Content writers will be familiar with the struggle of writing articles that rank well in Google! But what if I told you that I have a Brilliant Solution to this Situation?

AppSumo Lifetime Deals

Introducing a new tool in the market – NeuronWriter. It is an SEO tool cum-Ai writer. This tool can help you create SEO-optimized content in minutes! Today, we are going to the NeuronWriter review.

In fact, it can be as simple as following which keywords to include in your article and which keywords you should minimize using.

NeuronWriter is a powerful Ai-based content creation platform that lets you create high-quality content without worrying about on-page, keyword research, LSI (latent semantic index), and other things for geeks like me.

I have researched and tested Neuronwriter myself and will share my analysis and results while using this fantastic tool.

NeuronWriter benefits, Why should you use a NeuronWriter?

NeuronWriter is specifically designed for competitive research and large-scale business content creation. This tool has many advantages, which can get started.

#1. Simple planning and optimization process

To rank higher in Google, you must start this step with user intent keywords.

Simple planning and optimization process

  • Understand user intent and type of content needed: Choose the right page type for the user’s search. For some searches, blog posts will be required, and for others, category descriptions.
  • Choose direct competitors with similar content: Choose competitors with high content scores to increase the quality of semantic suggestions.
  • Plan Document Structure based on Useful Information: In Drought mode, it’s incredibly easy to create an interesting post from a combination of headlines and questions. Additionally, each category will contain keywords provided by the neuron
  • Optimize and enrich content with semantic SEO: First, Apply SERP and NLP-Based Suggestions to Content. You can expect a better ranking with content Generated using GPT-3.

#2. Master SEO optimization process

NeuronWriter Master SEO Optimization Process

  • High Ranking Content: With AI-powered generators, you’ll get the right advice on how to find the information you need. Analyze your competitor’s popular content, watch YouTube videos and Google SERP results, then write content tailored to the problems users are facing.

#3. Easy document management

NeuronWriter Easy Document Management

  • Plan and tag all your work: Using the content library in NeuronWriter, you can share your content and the latest trends with your content writers or copywriters. You can use filters to process content.

Other NeuronWriter Benefits Include:

  1. Neuronwriter helps you become aware of the missing points in your content with easy-to-understand analytics.
  2. Monitor your competitor’s latest content to cover what Google users are searching for now.
  3. It helps companies and startups choose the best Ai tools that help create SEO-optimized content.
  4. It offers ideal NLP-based totally keywords to rank your content material high.

Are you looking to create content that is ranked and optimized for search engines?

Nothing can be more frustrating than when you have spent dozens of hours creating content and it can’t be found in search engines.

You have probably heard all the gurus talking about high-quality content, on-pages, SERP analysis, etc. But Nothing Seems to help you rank higher in Google.

The blog post you recently published is still nowhere to be found on Google. If you are not a search engine expert or content writer, does it make sense to use an Ai tool like Neuronwriter?

Let’s find out…

How the traditional content creation process works

Here’s how Most People get blog content for their Blogs and website.
First, they write something about a specific topic.

Most people know what keywords they want to target and most do basic keyword research. Then they start writing the outline, title, and content of the blog.

For others, they hire expensive content writers that can cost between $100 – $1000 per 3000 – 5000 word blog post.

But most content creation processes do not involve any processes that can help you optimize your content for search engines.

If you want your articles to rank well in Google and other search engines, you need powerful SEO tools that can help improve your content score (more on this below).

What is NLP-Powered SEO?

NLP-powered SEO is a type of search engine method that relies on natural language processing to analyze and understand web content.

This approach can assist improve the relevance of search results and make it less complicated for users to find the information they are looking for.

NLP or Natural Language Processing refers to the Branch of Computer Science Specifically Ai (Artificial Intelligence) that aims to give computers and machines the ability to understand human language as humans do.

NLP-Based SEO is the intersection between NLP and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that aims to create SEO-ready content using artificial intelligence.

You need both On-page and Off-page SEO that will help you rank for your centered keywords, and NeuronWriter can help together with your on-page content.

Neuronwriter is a great tool for both search engine optimization novices and superior marketers.

It will let you create nice content with the usage of NLP-powered search engine optimization Advanced Content Editor.

NeuronWriter features

Before you start working out with this tool, you need to decide on the working interface. When it Comes to Content Creation, creating content SEO and high-ranking content is the primary task of every blogger, search engine optimization expert, and company.

Easy to use

Neuronwriter is very easy to use. They’ve also shared some great videos that will help you learn how you can get a better handle on the software. You can easily use this content writing tool, even if you have never used any content writing software before.

NeuronWriter Easy to Use

Clean interface

Neuronwriter’s application UI is very clean and sophisticated. This is one of the reasons why it is so easy to use. As with a clean UI, you don’t bother much about the workflow.

NeuronWriter User Interface

The user interface of NeuronWriter is quite modern-day and has an Elegant design. I Like the simple color scheme and fast loading speed. However, at first glance, it may seem a little overwhelming for beginners.

The editor interface is stuffed with many features. This is good from a usability point of view. However, for ease of use, NeuronWriter is somewhat complex and difficult to navigate.

Content editor

This is the best NLP editor for your content. You can create text that includes all the important keywords, titles, questions, and many others. For Google to understand, you still need to be able to organize your content and answer people’s questions.

Content SEO Optimization and Ai software can help complete the writing process. As soon as the content is written and submitted to the server, you could take a look at the content optimization stage by using checking the content score.

Content Tab: This is the Content typing area, and it comes with a text editing panel that includes headings, alignment, links, adding media, and more.

Content tab

Meta Tab: Here you can optimize the Meta title and Meta Description.

Meta tab

Content Score: This score gives the exceptional of the content using semantic recommendations.

NeuronWriter Content Score

Content Terms: It lists keywords based on NLP to add between articles and headings (H1 to H₃). These are two different tabs.

Content terms

Idea: It contains suggestions from contestants like questions H₁ to H₃ You can use this style throughout your content.

NeuronWriter Idea

YouTube Video Search: You can add one of the suggested videos in this tab. You can directly add these videos to your content.

YouTube video search

AI Writing: Select the text box and choose the Ai Writing feature to get Ai-generated content and add it directly to your content.

Ai Writing

Top analysis

This section details the top 10 competitors and you can do an advanced analysis of your competitors and create high-quality AI content.

Competition: It details competitors ranked below 100 in SERP and query difficulty, content score, PA, DA, page title, and content length.


Competitors – Breakdown: It details competitor links, content volume, and content quality.

Competitors – breakdown

Competitors – Structure: You can find a summary of competitors as overview, title, description, H1-header, H2-header, and H3-header.

Competitors – structure

SERP Layout and Features: You can get details of site features in your competitor’s review section, like what was added and what wasn’t added, in tabular form.

Keyword Ideas: You can find a similar keyword list and a related search keyword list.

Content Terms: You will find the list of terms used on competitor’s pages with percentages and common usage numbers.

Internal Link Suggestions

This feature analyzes your entire domain project and suggests internal links with anchor text to keep in working content. You can manually export this list.

Internal link suggestions

Experienced SEO Optimization Methods for top-ranking content

It makes you research articles according to your niche to deliver the content you want by following simple recommendations. It performs an estimation on competitors’ highly-rated content, YouTube blogs, or appropriate Google SERPs and allows you to select preferred competitors with the best content scores. It provides an estimation of data like content score, page title, content length in characters, word count, language, etc. All data detailing competitor performance is based on on-page and off-page SEO. Keywords for each section are available here so you can link the headlines and questions into an interesting story and after correctly guessing the questions readers have, answer them to solve their problems. Improve your content using NLP and SERP recommendations and create content with GPT-3 to get better rankings among your competitors.

This gives access to a content optimization checklist if a user wants to check how optimized their page is overall. It can also provide a specific visualization of data through the ‘Competitors Breakdown’ tab in a graph representing all SERP competitors to meet correlation estimation requirements.

AppSumo Lifetime Deals

The simple document management process for scheduling and tagging all your tasks

You can prioritize using the content library based on market trends, tag, and team analysis, and share more with outside copywriters. When you’re done, tick your content and export the analysis with custom columns that create a simple report. You can Apply filters Here.

It comes with a user-friendly interface for analysis purposes and notifies you about the sections your content is lacking. Monitor the latest content created by your competitors in the market and further optimize it by making relevant changes that need to be updated in the market for better performance. Support start-ups and even large companies by providing a powerful AI tool that best serves content and SEO.

Simple content determination and optimization methods

Just start with a single keyword, analyze the content, draft a document, and then each step is provided with clear instructions that you can use to easily determine the content and make any changes to your content to suit your needs.

NeuronWriter has many interesting features in content editing for great optimization. Some of it’s best options include:

  • Counting the Number of H1 and H2 tags
  • Special suggestions for paragraph keywords
  • Special suggestions for H1 and H2 keywords
  • Suggestions for NLP Keywords
  • Record Questions to Answer
  • Competitor’s record of H1
  • Competitor’s record of H2
  • AI writing tools for content creation
  • Additional options such as save, export, import, and draft during the content optimization process

How Does NeuronWriter work?

All AI Writing tools use language models to learn the rules and nuances of a language and use them to create unique content.

Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 or GPT3 is a recent language prediction model that produces higher quality results from the inputs given to it.

Talking NeuronWriter works on the latest, most advanced, and expensive models of GPT 3 technology called Da Vinci (v2). This model makes it possible for Neuronwriter to create logical and accurate high-quality content.

This tool supports Google’s search engine, as its entire algorithm is based on Google

How to use a NeuronWriter?

NeuronWriter, an AI-powered writing tool, can help you with a decent layout template, time-saving research methods, article SEO Optimization, and team sharing. In addition to providing you with easy-to-understand data, Neuron Writer also informs you about the parts of your post that search engines value and makes recommendations based on NLP.

It is one of the best and most affordable SEO tools to create better-ranking content using its SEO NLP-Editor. This NLP content is fully optimized for search engines with maximum on-page SEO.

With a content creation process, NeuronWriter can create a draft based on suggestions for high-ranking content. Using this SEO tool, you can use AI research data to practice SEO and create better articles with solid SEO practices.

If you own a website, you should make every effort to move your content to the top of search results because, otherwise, no one will see it. Hard work, however, does not always equal intelligence, especially when it comes to content creation, SEO content, and creating high-ranking information.

For your given search term, Neuron evaluates the high-quality content and offers you its evaluation, so you can write from that perspective.

Let’s see some simple guidelines below:

Step 1: Start with a quick investigation

The first thing you need to include is the Desired Keyword. Then, NeuronWriter will suggest some of the best articles Produced by your Competitors while Evaluating what topics to cover and what information Google users are looking for.

Step 2: Create a semantic document structure

In Neuron, a draft generator for article format is already available. As soon as you can, add and rearrange ideas to your content version. After being included in your article draft, ideas should be quickly reorganized. Content created with NeuronWriter will be semantically rich and search engine friendly. Based on the semantic model, NeuronWriter can help you write with user intent by providing Google SERP research and competition data.

Step 3: Start paragraph with GPT-3

At this stage, NeuronWriter AI can help you by helping you create your thesis statement or come up with a topic sentence for a paragraph.

Step 4: Write semantically rich SEO-optimized content

The most effective headlines from your competitors’ posts and frequently asked questions from Google searches are two examples of how to find the best keywords for your topic in this episode.

Step 5: Share with your colleagues

You can invite your essay writers to start writing the content according to your instructions.

Step 6: Export, Publish and Enjoy

Once the writing method is done by your content material writers, begin optimizing the content material with Neuronwriter. You can export and enjoy the content to publish on your website.

NeuronWriter Review: Who Can Use?

Neuronwriter’s AI feature is similar to Surfer SEO and has similar content, which is user-friendly. They help you with SERP analysis, Content Optimization, and Search results with the help of Artificial intelligence.

  • Content creators
  • Authors/bloggers
  • SEO Expert
  • SEO Agency
  • Business owners
  • Product manufacturers
  • Email marketer
  • Landing page builder

NeuronWriter AppSumo Lifetime Deals

NeuronWriter is currently being offered at an impressive price on AppSumo Lifetime Deals.

NeuronWriter is The Best Content SEO Optimization & AI Writer tool. It includes a complicated content editor with NLP suggestions. If you want to save some money, a NeuronWriter tool is for you, you’ve got excellent information.

NeuronWriter AppSumo Lifetime Deals

If you do not want to pay too much every month for tools like Surfer SEO, NeuronWriter might be the solution.

You can take this Appsumo lifetime contract to eliminate monthly renewal charges and save hundreds of dollars every year.

You get one-time purchase access to the following features.

AppSumo Lifetime Deals pricing

Plans & Features

Deal Terms & Conditions

  • Lifetime Access to NeuronWriter
  • All Future Bronze (1 code), Silver (2 codes), Gold (3 codes), Platinum (4 codes), or Diamond (5 codes) plan updates
  • You Must Redeem your Code (s) within 60 days of Purchase
  • Stack Up to 5 Codes
  • GDPR Compliant
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. Try it for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!

Features Included in All Plans

  • AI Content Writing
  • Internal Linking
  • Competitor SERP Analysis
  • NLP Content Optimization
  • Content Planning

NeuronWriter Pricing Plans

NeuronWriter offers five affordable pricing options and very good features. The Silver and Gold plans are suitable for those working on more than five projects, including freelancing, businesses, and agencies.

NeuronWriter Pricing Plans

Neuronwriter comes with enough features for beginners and agencies, which fits into the monthly budget.

With the best search engine optimization tools, Neuronwriter is perfect for company owners, SEO Agencies, and SEO professionals.

NeuronWriter Alternatives

Are you Looking for the Best NeuronWriter Alternative? Here’s the list, and you can check which ones work with this tool.

Name of the toolAction
Jasper AICheck Product
Rytr.meCheck Product
PepperType.aiCheck Product
WriterZenCheck Product
WordHeroCheck Product
SurferSEOCheck Product
Copy.aiCheck Product
WriteSonicCheck Product
ScaleNutCheck Product


NeuronWriter VS Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a tool that allows any online business and blog to improve their website’s level of Search Engine Optimization.

It provides readers with analytics and insights that can help them increase their website’s ranking on Search Engine Results Pages.

Additionally, the right suite of tools can help track their website progress and performance.

It has an interface similar to Neuron, and if you have used it before, you’ll soon be able to familiarize yourself with Neuron’s UI dashboard as well.

It’s more popular & has more members which means you can find more tutorials on YouTube on how to use it.

They each have their proprietary ranking algorithms, so you may not have the same optimizations and recommendations when targeting the same content and keywords.

Pros and Cons of NeuronWriter

Pros Of Neuronwriter

  • It Supports 170+ languages, which helps to attract a target Audience Across the Globe.
  • It helps you Analyze your competitor’s content & write SEO-Optimized Content to rank higher on Google.
  • It uses the GPT3 version to generate quality content. This version gives very good and logical text, Similar to the input.
  • You can downgrade your monthly Ai Credit which controls your budget and it saves money.
  • NeuronWriter promises good features in their future updates along with their roadmaps, such as a plagiarism checker, AI article templates, and image recommendations.

Cons Of Neuronwriter

  • A plagiarism checker is being developed but is not available at this time
  • Readable suggestions are not combined.
  • You need to Understand the interface Before you Start Using it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

NLP is used to process and interpret user queries in search engines & to match those queries with relevant documents in the Search Engine index.
NLP techniques are used to analyze and understand user intent & interpret user queries to find the most relevant results. NLP can also be used to help rank search results by understanding user queries & search context.

Digital Optimization is the process of improving the performance of a Digital System or Process. It can improve system speed, efficiency, or quality and can be applied to any type of digital system, including Computer systems, Networks, and Software.

On-page Optimization is the process of optimizing a website to improve its ranking in Search Engine results. The main goal of on-page Optimization is to make a website more visible and accessible to Search Engines, which can help improve its organic search results.

It is renewed every 30 days from the Date of Registration. In terms of text Generation limits, you can Purchase additional limits.

Initially, it provided 25 analyzes in the basic plan.

There are a few key ways to optimize your content strategy. First, you need to make sure your content is audience-centric. This means creating content that appeals to your target readers and provides value that they will find useful. Second, you need to make sure that your content is search engine optimized so that readers can easily find information on your topic when they are looking for it. Finally, you need to distribute your content through various channels, such as social media, email newsletters, and other online platforms


NeuronWriter is one of the leading software for creating realistic and quality content to increase your organic traffic and conversion rate. Compared to Surfer SEO, you get 30 articles on the Pro plan which costs $99 per month. On the other hand, Neuronwriter gives you 25 content analytics on its Bronze plan, which costs only €19 per month. For €95/m, you can even buy Neuronwriter’s Diamond plan, which allows 150 content analyses and 50 projects.

It has a simple distraction-free mode that can help you focus on your writing. Above all, it is very affordable. I’ve been using NeuronWriter for a few weeks now, and I’m very impressed with it. Upcoming updates to Neuronwriter’s roadmap include promising features that help your content achieve higher rankings on major search engines, especially Google.

Compared to its other competing software in the market, it is affordable. So if you are looking for a Cost-Effective writing tool that Meets your SERP analysis and NLP content enhancement needs, you can definitely go for NeuronWriter.

AppSumo Lifetime Deals

NeuronWriter is a great tool for writing SEO-optimized content for blogs. It is affordable and gives you a perfect interface and SEO guidelines to help you rank higher. It allows you to write AI to help you avoid writer’s block. Neuronwriter is an efficient writing tool to outperform competitors. So what are you waiting for? Try it at least once!



Rytr Review – The Best Ai Writer, Content generator and Writing assistant – Rytr Appsumo Lifetime Deal




Host Stage Review – Affordable Services With Strong Performance

Host Stage Review

Web hosting preserves your company’s digital presence. It’s the bedrock that increases page load times and adds safeguards to keep hackers out of your system. Some companies rely on web hosting to keep their websites operational during traffic surges. If you want to expand your company and reach customers online, you’ll need effective web hosting from a company like Host Stage.

Host Stage Web Hosting

Web Hosting That Increases Your Traffic

Web hosting isn’t only a way to keep your website operational. Surprisingly, web hosting impacts your SEO. Working with the right company can help you rank higher for keywords and strengthen your domain authority. Search engines assess many variables when deciding how to rank web pages, including page speed. Most visitors will not wait more than five seconds for your website to load.

Host Stage Review

Today’s consumer expects fast load times. Host Stage can trim time off your load time and get you closer to a two-second load time. Their Powered LiteSpeed Web Server and Dedicated PHP Process resources load 28 times faster than the default options. This advantage helps with SEO and enhances the user experience. Better load times help companies retain customers and strengthen relationships. Visitors who think your website takes too long to load may think your company is unreliable. 

Host Stage’s website hosting services also provide SSL certification for your site. SSL protects your data from hackers and stops them from creating a fake version of your website. Search engines give preference to websites with SSL certifications.

Protect Yourself From Cyber Attacks

An SSL certification will add an extra layer of protection to your website, but Host Stage doesn’t stop there. Host Stage’s shared hosting plans come with daily backups. Some hackers delete data or force you to pay a ransom to reclaim your data. Cyber hacking is a big industry, and having a data backup prepares you for the worst. 

Host Stage Hosting Security

Host Stage does more than prepare you for the worst with a data backup. Their cybersecurity features continue protecting your website even when you’re offline. A shared web hosting solution comes with On the Fly Malware Upload Detection & Removal. If hackers can’t get their malicious software into your system, they’ll have fewer options. Host Stage’s firewalls cut off even more choices. Firewalls prevent malicious software from entering your system. These protections make hackers’ lives difficult so you can safely operate your online business. 

Some hackers use DDoS attacks to slow down websites. Hackers implementing this strategy will flood your website with fake traffic, creating a digital traffic jam. Some websites can’t handle the extra traffic and stop functioning correctly. Prospects who want to visit your website will get an error message. Any downtime can cost you, new customers. Host Stage has Anti-DDoS Protection that keeps your website up for potential customers. The web hosting company understands how important it is for your website to stay up at all times. That’s why they provide a 100% Uptime Service Level Agreement across their web hosting solutions. This agreement is backed up with a 99.95% Hardware Uptime Certification making such SLA sustainable. Host Stage will provide a monthly credit issuance in the unlikely event of extended downtime. Host Stage only receives the full monthly payment when they keep the client’s websites fully operational.

Easily Integrate With Your WordPress Site

Host Stage offers a WordPress plugin that streamlines the integration. You can check Optimization Settings, CSS Settings, and other features straight from your WordPress dashboard. Website owners can install the licensed LS Cache plugin to enable a FastPath cache. This cache connects your website with MySQL Server Cache optimizations, resulting in a fast-loading website.

Priority Support

Help articles and FAQs can provide some clarity, but most business owners want to talk with a representative. Some web hosting companies leave customers frustrated about their lack of responsiveness or long delays. These delays get especially frustrating for time-sensitive issues such as website downtime and cyberattacks.

Host Stage Priority Support

Host Stage provides 24/7 Priority Support, so you can get your questions answered anytime. If you want to transfer your website to Host Stage, you should start with a simple transfer request. An incoming customer can file a support ticket, and the Host Stage team will take care of the transfer without any fee attached. This transfer comes with minimal to no downtime for your website, ensuring your visitors get the same experience. Host Stage customers can continue using this perk for the duration of their memberships.  

Affordable Pricing


Host Stage combines affordability and high performance into a bundle of shared web hosting services. Depending on your package, shared web hosting solutions are as low as $3.95/mo. Business owners can register a new domain through Host Stage, transfer a domain from another registrar, or use an existing domain and update the name servers. Businesses that want more storage space, domains, and WHM access can choose an Internet Marketing or Online Empire web hosting plan. Both plans start at $9.95 and $15.95, respectively.

Host Stage Pricing

All plans come with the previously mentioned cybersecurity protections and SEO advantages. Web hosting can take a small space in your budget while delivering outsized gains for your company. A faster load time and SSL certification will increase your SEO traffic, and keeping your website up will turn more of your visitors into customers. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Host Stage pairs its quality services with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This money-back guarantee lets you try Host Stage without worrying about losing money. If you don’t like their services or aren’t ready to make the investment in your business, you can back out and receive your money back. Host Stage keeps costs low while achieving superior performance in the industry. The refund policy gives you a chance to try Host Stage yourself and see if you want to commit to their web hosting services for the long term.  

Reliable Web Hosting Grows Your Business And Runs In The Background

Web hosting isn’t supposed to get exciting. Cyberattacks, downtime and slow page speeds frustrate business owners. Not all web hosting services address these issues or adequately answer your questions. Host Stage is different. Their protection measures keep your website up and secure. You’ll have more time to focus on growing your business without worrying about your digital infrastructure. A Host Stage representative will quickly respond to your message or take your call if you have any questions. 

Host Stage Shared Hosting

Host Stage is committed to providing you with superior web hosting services at an affordable price. You can visit their website to learn more about their shared web hosting plans and how to get started.

Aiseo.ai Review – AppSumo Lifetime Deal – A Detailed Reviews On The Aiseo.ai

Aiseo.ai Review - AppSumo Lifetime Deal

What is Aiseo.ai?

AISEO is an online copywriting tool designed specifically for content writers, freelancers, and content managers to create unique and engaging content for their blogs, posts, assignments, or social media. This tool lets you translate your ideas into blogs and write for you at the push of a button. The goal of AISEO is to create duplicates for you, not just any duplicates but ones that are unique and 100% free. It employs artificial intelligence and is programmed with accurate guidelines on how to develop SEO-optimized content, so you always get SEO-optimized copy. In addition, it provides long-form support that accelerates and improves the quality of your blog articles by a factor of ten. With one click, this app improves the readability of your material by up to 2000 characters in Hemingway style. Users also get templates for copywriting, including custom templates, branding, advertising, brainstorming, and blogposts. In addition, it offers a free paraphraser to help you find completely free paraphrased articles in seconds.

AISEO Free TrialAISEO AppSumo Lifetime Deal

AISEO Appsumo Lifetime Deal

AISEO.ai’s Writing Assistant lets you create an SEO-optimized blog post with just a few clicks. The long-form assistant creates a paragraph with just one click, which makes your workflow surprisingly fast.
AISEO.ai’s assistant Hemingway style also improves the readability of your blog with one click.

AISEO.ai’s Writing Assistant lets you optimize, improve, rewrite and shorten blog posts in one place.

Features of Aiseo.ai

But let’s dive straight into the Long Form Assistant. Here you can see that you can either start from scratch or you can go through their blog post workflow. I’ll choose to go through their blog post workflow now. And here is our search query, with this article and the title of the article we have to choose the location of what we want to notice.

Look here already I want them to be able to create a title based on the search query but let’s just go ahead and fill it out. So I chose the top five WordPress cache plugin search queries. I chose the United Kingdom as the location and the title is: Here are the top five best WordPress cache plugins. So let’s create this new SEO document. So you can see now that we’re here, and now we have to describe what this whole blog post is going to be about.

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Add some keywords and a title and where they can actually create the title. So this is a bit confusing but let’s start with the meta description to get started. So I’ve now filled in a meta description, some keywords. And now let’s try to create some headlines based on this. So you can see right now that they’re showing animation where it says magic is happening and this generation of content is taking a little longer.

If you ask me, I’ve seen it much faster. But now you can see that we’ve got lots of undefined titles which means they couldn’t create content. Here are the top ten free WordPress caching plugins. You need to activate the caching plugin. This title is awesome.

So let’s try and create some headlines again. Now we got some different ones. Again, we get much undefined. Not the best user experience, but I prefer one here where it says there are eight WordPress caching plugins that improve speed and user experience. Let’s pick it up. So now we have titles, and they have created some different roles for us now.

All we have to do now is read these introductions and then see which one is the most appropriate, the article we are writing now. And then go with that one. Since I mentioned eight WordPress caching plugins in my title, I will go with the first one where it is mentioned: these eight can help reduce your site loading time by up to 64%. And at the moment it’s only showing two here, but we can always add more later.

So let’s go with it and then at the bottom we can either recreate or we can just go to the editor. So now we are on our way to the editor where we can wrap up our article. So this is the editor, and you can see our title and our role are already here. All I do is go to the outline and then I wait for the SERP data to come out. When the SERP pulls out the data, we can create our profile.

Plans and Features

In the SERP section, you can see that it is extracting data right now. And based on my tests, it doesn’t always show me so much data in this section. So let’s see how it goes. So you can see here that it contains an H1 from elementor.com and then a lot of text below it. We can go to the next one and see Monster Insights or here it looks six different. Athemes only one H1. And then we have Kinsta.com, which shows the seven best WordPress caching plugins.

So let’s go back to the outline here and select an outline. So you can see that these are all taken from the SERP, so they are already written and published on Google. But from HubSpot here I like. So let me say that I want to add at least WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache, WP-Optimize also W3-Total Cache, and then we have to choose four more of these. I also like this title here, to speed up your site, and then we need a concluding title. So let’s go back to the editor because now we have the complete outline, so we can copy the titles to our document, and then you will see that it is ready.

All I can do is if we delete the outline I just created, I can just click on the AI ​​draft, and then it will create a complete draft based on the SERP. So let’s see what we get back from this. It is now made for the whole article, and you can see that it is very messy. If you click around the article while writing AI for you, you will get complete chaos. So let it finish writing all your articles and then you can read them.

But the generated content is not blowing me away, to be honest, because here, for example, we are talking about a cache enabler that is created by KeyCDN. But the created text is talking about WP Super Cache, which is a completely different cache plugin. Below is a generic headline that talks about what you can do without these caching plugins to speed up your site. And what it did instead was just take the W3-Total Cache and talk about it. The conclusion here is talking about WP Rocket and WP-Cache, not really wrapping up the whole article.

Then here we have a short line about Hummingbird again, something about WP cache, and so on. So this is a complete mess right now. It takes a long time to wrap it up and make it beautiful and rewrite some text. But this is just one example. And I believe that if you try a different example, your blog has something more to do with it, you can make it work for you.

And sometimes with these AI copywriting tools, it just doesn’t work for your writing style. Based on your writing style you really need to find one that gives the best results. But we can, of course, write manuals if you want. Or we can write here with AI. So, if you have a title called WP Super Cache, you can simply ask to write with AI and then it will start writing for you.

So as you can see here it is talking about customizer quality, variability, and much more. I understand where it’s coming from, but it’s not very readable. So, again, this AI writer is not the best to work with me. Better yet, but with some optimization, it must be great because they have questions about the SERP that we can create. They have, of course, the SERP categories you just saw.

Then they have NLP terms, SERP information, and I’ll show you in a moment. So you can see all these questions have been generated now. And you can take these questions in your article and then answer them in your article. Now let’s move on to the NLP terms.

Here we can find out all the NLP keywords used around our search phrase. So you can see that, of course, WordPress Cache Plugin, WordPress Caching Plugin, Generally Plugin, Website Cache, Website Webmaster Tool, and much more. These are the different types of keywords that are used around our search phrases. So here, for example, they are talking about Monster Insights. Maybe I should add a section talking about Monster Insight so that section can be noticed by those who are doing some research on Monster Insight and WordPress caching plugin.

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So this is really great data to use in your article in detail. Then we have the SERP information here and these are taken from all the other articles. You can see it. For example, here are the eight best WordPress caching plugins. We can create some information, so it pulls the information from this article.

Let’s see what we get back. So here are four facts about WordPress caching plugins where it talks about the caching plugins that can help you speed up. That’s right. A caching plugin is a web service that, in order to speed up the loading of the site, is correct

Etc. So it’s only decent if you need some information or some idea about what you can write. Now all you can do, as we have seen in Frase.io, is their template. So, if you want to create a specific type of blog post, you can see if there is a template for it, or you can add your own custom template.

But suppose I want to create an ad title, then I can use this template here where I type the company name, visitors, company description, and keywords. So it’s actually theoretically a small-sized content tool that you can use because we have FAQ ideas for blog ideas, blog posts, media descriptions, and much more. But the thing is, when you go to a long-form editor, your mindset is not to create short-form content. Your mindset is to create long-form content. So, I really like the idea of ​​this template.

They shouldn’t necessarily be here because I don’t go to long-form editors to write an Instagram ad or a Google ad. So that’s definitely something I would change. Then they have a public library here which is a template created by the users in AISEO. And here you see that we have the role of a newsletter, having ideas based on a topic and comparing products and features one by one. So this is also a template that you can use if you don’t really know how to create your article.

And it not only makes it unique, but it also helps you create better articles, and hopefully, it will rank better on Google. The editor here, it’s still a bit boogie. It’s still hard. I can’t use shortcode, for example, the editor and I can’t change it to H2 if I want to. I can only change a text, list, checklist, or quote. But all I can do is improve readability.

In readability, it tells you which is harder to read, which is a little harder to read, which is more complex. In addition to the term, those words are complex words. And this, when it is completely red, means that this sentence is very difficult to read. So what you want to achieve is of course these texts where it is completely transparent. There is nothing wrong with that.

AISEO AppSumo Lifetime Deal

It’s easy to read, it’s not passive and it’s not a complex phrase. So this is a great add-on to make sure all your articles are easy to read. Because if you write an article that is too complicated to read, your visitors will return to your competitor’s website. You also have the contents stored in the dashboard which are the documents that I am creating. You can then get more credits in the rewards section where you can review them on specific websites and then you get more credits for creating content.

They also have a complete guide section on how to create an article that ranks you on Google. If you want tips and tricks you can see it, but this is the AISEO platform.

And in front of you, with your main tools:

  • Long-form Assistant
  • Copywriting Templates
  • Readability improver
  • Blog Post
  • Content Paraphraser

The tool I’m going to show you in this review is a long-form assistant because it actually covers all of these templates as well.

So, before we jump into the Long Form Assistant, let’s quickly cover all of these other tools as well.

CopyWriting templates

Copywriting templates will display a complete list of templates that you can start using.

Aiseo.ai review Copywriting Templates

And these templates are basically the framework for each of these styles.

Readability improver

After that, you get to improve reading Readability.

AISEO.ai Readability improver

This is where you will paste the text and it will tell you how difficult or easy it is to understand the text.

Content Paraphraser

And then you get the content paraphraser that you can paste any kind of text in this box and it will translate it for you.

Content Paraphraser

And finally, let’s jump to Long Form Assistant, and here, like Inkforall, is another AI SEO Writer tool that will give you two options:

  1. Start from Scratch
  2. Blog post Workflow.

Blog post workflow

I’m Going to go Ahead and Start from Scratch.

And since AISEO focuses on SEO as well as content writing, it will ask you a few questions about what your blog post is going to be.

And first, you see that it’s going to tell you how many titles you have, the word count, and the suggested word count we’re moving on.

After that, we have readability grades and it is going to tell you how old you are or what year your textbook is being read to us.

And then right next to it, you also have the “Write with AI” button, which actually uses the AI ​​feature to write text for you.

On the right, you can create outlines, SERP options, queries, paragraphs from bullets, and various copywriting templates.

And the nice thing is that they’ve got a great “add custom template” field so if you keep writing in a certain format, you can actually keep all the information that you would normally use over and over again and start generating accordingly.

aiseo.ai review

You’ve also got a tutorial that connects you to YouTube, and will give you a 5-minute video going through it.

Your main editor area kind of sounds like a document. And if you double-click on the text, it will show all these options where you can convert it to bullet point, add a link, add a marker, etc.

A2Z Digital Marketing

You can also add sections, just hover anywhere on the page, and this will give you all the layout options like tables, etc.

How to write an article with AISEO

Now I will show you how to write an article with AISEO.

So, in the title, I’m going to go ahead and just type “AI in digital marketing” and then I’m going to save, even though it updates the document and I’m going to click create information.

And there you have it.

Ai in digital marketing

For me, the Content is Really Great.

Of course, you need to apply the 80/20 rule, 80% of which is done by software and then 20% you are tweaking it.

This is actually a great start.

So, what I’m going to do is I’m going to click on the “Write with AI” button and see what’s going on from this part.

AISEO.ai Write with AI

I’m Really Happy with the way things are going. I can easily fill out this blog post because the copy is on point.

And if you notice, below, it says now that we’ve done 305 words and it’s being written in 9th grade right now.

So, let’s create an outline for our blog post.

So I’m going to outline and click “Create Outline”.

Aiseo outline generate

It has now come out with all these outlines; I’m actually going to get in because most of them are worth it.

So, I can add it to the document. And you can do it in two ways: you can click the add button or you can click the copy button.

We’ve added titles now and they fit really nicely. So, the title is:

  • What is artificial intelligence
  • The Current Ai Trends
  • How Ai Helps Marketers
  • The Future of Ai in Marketing
  • Building Ai-Powered Digital Marketing Campaign

Now, the reason we add to this title now is that we’re going to fill in these titles and Start talking, but really, We want the Software to do it for us.

Under each of these subheadings, I’m going to go to the template section and where it says “Paragraph-Long Answer”.

Aiseo.ai Review paragraph long answer

I can make a copy of these subtitles, paste it and put a question in there and then click generate.

And here is the full-out subtitle with relevant copy.

AISEO.AI Artificial Intelligence

So it actually made a really nice few paragraphs out there; I am going to point it out by leaving only one sentence so that it can finish it and get more in the hardcore answer.

Because at the time of making it, it has created something that is really compelling, something that will appeal to the reader, but it did not end the offer.

Maybe it just needs a bit of direction from me.

And I really like that it puts in a list format.

FAQ template

But one of the Last Things I want to do is add a FAQ area.

So now I’m going to click on FAQ ideas. And that’s normal for business, but I’m going to try to see if it will make a list of questions that people might ask.

aiseo FAQ Template

So, Actually, this is Really Good.

Featured snippet

For Each of These Questions, I can paste it into the Featured snippet list.

Featured Snippet

And for those of you who don’t know what a featured snippet list is, this is the short answer that Google SERP results show.

So, if you visit these categories, you can start getting a lot of traffic to your site.

It’s really good that they include it.


And finally, we want to shorten it, and we’re going to do it in a short area, so I can see if AI will finish the sentence for me.

aiseo Article Summary

So it’s not really bad at all.

We got 8 titles, it offers 7-9. Our word count is 800-1000. We got 1,062, and the reading grade is 7th grade, and we used about 30 credits.

Basically, I finished this blog post but I want to show you one of the best AISEO features which are SERP categories.

SERP section

And what you see here is that all the blog posts in the SERP results have been taken.

SERP Section

It can inspire you to include what you want in your article. However, let’s just say we want to add another category, all you can do is click:

  • Write for me
  • Paraphrase
  • Summarize

And AI will create the whole section for you.

So now, you can actually create your entire blog, not even writing, just using this feature and copying it.

There are currently two places where you can buy AISEO: the first is AppSumo, which will give you a lifetime contract, and the second is AISEO’s website.

However, I would actually recommend buying it directly from AISEO’s website, because then you won’t be deducted with credit. But let’s jump to these two pages quickly and I’ll show you what I’m talking about.

Plans and Features

  • Lifetime access to the AISEO.ai plan
  • You Must Redeem your code (s) Within 60 days of Purchase
  • All Future AISEO.ai plan Updates
  • 60-day Money Back Guarantee, whatever the reason
  • Long-form Assistant: Long-form Assistant like Jarvis with great inline tools
  • Wordtunes such as rewrite, expand, shorten, formal, creative, casual
  • “Write with Ai” with 3000 Characters Context (look back).
  • Access to Premium Blogpost Generator. Creating a complete SEO Blog post in just a few clicks
  • Have Access to SERPFacts
  • Create as many SEO Documents as possible with the Credits you have
  • Each SEO Document, SERP Exclusion, Consumes 20 credits
  • Content Writer: lets you write up to 40,000 characters in one click
  • Uniqueness As 70-100%
  • Improve Readability: Improve the Readability of your content up to 3000 Characters
  • You will be Able to Paraphrase in 26 Languages (and more coming soon)
  • Including copywriting templates (ads, brains, blog posts, and custom templates)
  • SEO is automatically suggesting keywords for your copy.
  • Unlimited Custom Templates (you have complete control over the input/output of very Powerful Ai)
  • 250 Credits Per Month (each credit makes 100 words, total ≈ 25000 words)
  • Stacking information: Each Additional code = 250 Additional credits
  • Maximum 3 code stacks

Plans and Features

How does AISEO.Ai Work?

How does AISEO.ai work?

We all know that writing is a long and difficult process. Many people do not have time to write content for their blogs. Others don’t know how to write to keep their audience interested. Even experienced bloggers can’t always afford to write an article every week.

We create AISEO.Ai to Solve this Problem. AISEO.ai is an Automated Content Writing Assistant that helps you create and rewrite content and blog posts with just a few clicks. This is a writing assistant built on artificial intelligence.

AISEO.ai can create unique and theft-free content for your blog. It uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to Understand your content and then Rewrites it to make your content more interesting and relevant to your subject. It comes with a Simple Editing tool that lets you edit the content before publishing.

Why is AISEO.ai needed?

We all know the importance of time on the Internet, And how many people on the internet don’t have it. People want to spend less time on certain tasks, including blogging. Sometimes they don’t like to write them at all.

This is why many bloggers are happy to buy or rewrite blog posts, but the truth is that the percentage of bloggers is very low. This is because it takes a lot of time, effort, and money to do this kind of work.

AISEO Free TrialAISEO AppSumo Lifetime Deal

How is AISEO.ai the Perfect Solution for Creating Content?

Everyone knows that content is king, but the biggest problem with content creation is that it is a very time-consuming process. AISEO.ai is the First writing assistant that Allows you to Create Content in the shortest possible time with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

AISEO.ai is the Only System that Enables you to Create Unique Content on a scale. When you have a new idea for a blog post, you don’t have to wait days or even weeks to Create a Finished version of an author.

This is why AI SEO optimizes your new blog post in a fraction of a second, so you can start sharing as soon as you create it. AI SEO lets you create blog posts on any topic that ranks high on Google and is easy to use.

Aiseo Appsumo Pricing

AISEO AppSumo Lifetime Deal

AISEO runs a lifetime deal on Appsumo and you can get it for $ 49, here is a list of all the features you will get.

AISEO AppSumo Lifetime Deal

However, a Purchase of $49 will give you 250 credits per Month. And if you Purchase an Additional code, it will give you 500 credits per month.

While not a Groundbreaking Contribution to the genre, it is also a great way to get acquainted (gain, obtain) with people you know and loves.

Now, let’s jump to AISEO’s pricing page and see what they have to offer.


Aiseo Alternatives

The best Alternatives for AISEO are Rytr, Jasper, Writesonic, Grammarly Business, Semrush, Peppertype.ai, Scalenut, Frase.io & Copy.ai.

AISEO User Reviews

AISEO Customer Reviews AISEO Customer Reviews AISEO User Reviews AISEO User Reviews

AISEO Free TrialAISEO AppSumo Lifetime Deal

The final word in the AISEO Review

So, what are my thoughts on AISEO, especially using it for the first time and going through it as a pretty new user?

Really, and I’m glad to say it, I actually thought the quality of the outputs was really good.

Going back to what I said at the beginning of this AISEO review, when it came to credits, as you can see, I actually gave about 20 to 30 credits on that one blog.

So, depending on the length of your blog post, you will be able to get 5 or 6 by using the software and pushing it to the top and month.

But if you go with the actual price point from the website, well, you will be able to write an unlimited amount, so really worth the money.

In general, these Appsumo Lifetime Deals are really good, but not at this time For this particular AI copywriting software, it is better to get it directly from the official website.

And again, if you enjoyed this review and would like to share your appreciation, I have put my links below for you.

Thank you so much for reading.

AISEO AppSumo Lifetime Deal


Gravitec Review – Gravitec AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Gravitec Review

About Gravitec

Gravitec.net has a number of unique features for automatically running push campaigns and interacting with customers: drip campaigns for sending continuous notifications, push digest to send top-notch news, and RSS to push campaigns from RSS feeds. Gravitec.net supports all popular Browsers and OS – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Yandex, Edge, UC Browsers, and Windows, macOS, and Android. Also included is an easy-to-install WordPress plugin (no coding required), and a developer-friendly RESTful API.

Gravitec AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Gravitec.net is intuitive marketing automation and content delivery tool that helps eCommerce, Marketplace, and blog developers send information to their subscribers via push notifications. It can be used to forward important news, special offers, the latest updates, and much more to the customers in real-time. This push notification generates up to 25% more traffic to the company’s website than the traditional process. With Gravitec.net, companies can send notifications to both desktop and mobile devices. This automatically reduces the workload to 90% of user notification campaigns. This tool compiles 6-10 top news with Unified Push notifications and enables sending daily and weekly news digests. Also, it can be used to send multiple notifications to new customers through a ‘drip campaign’. In such campaigns, users compile a set of informative articles to send to new customers to increase their engagement and loyalty level. Finally, companies can easily analyze notification campaigns with reports, statistics, and charts to evaluate their effectiveness.

Get Gravitec Appsumo Lifetime Deal

What is Gravitec?

Gravitec is a tool that uses push notifications to create automated content for different platforms. Blogs, eCommerce, and software are just some of the platforms that Gravitec can use.

The goal of Gravitec is to increase traffic to your website, convert 10-15% leads to subscribers, and send campaigns automatically.

Gravitec has been around for several years now. It was established in 2013 with only 4 employees. Today, more than 20 people work at Gravitec, serving media companies. It is trusted by several large companies such as Metro, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, and Men’s Health.

Gravitec is the first company to provide web push technology in Eastern Europe. Since its two offices are located in Ukraine and Poland, it has certainly revolutionized the technological space. But this is not the end.

Set up a daily and weekly digest so you have the most popular news.

Determine readers’ interest and automatically share only the most relevant content with RSS to Push.
With the help of Bell ask customers if they are interested in themselves! However, Gravitec.net offers 3-level segmentation so you can be as close to your readers as possible.

Don’t forget our very easy integration with WordPress. Install our plugin in just a few clicks. No coding is required!

On average, our customers receive 20% additional website traffic. And imagine how much you can save by simply automating everything.

Gravitec has won several awards: a startup competition by Seedstars Kyiv and Telecom Accelerator. These two awards were given in the same year – 2016!

What is the value of Gravitec?

Gravitec aims to provide the highest quality push notification service to people worldwide. Also tries to:

  • Bring User back to your site
  • Automate if possible
  • Send notifications to listeners of all sizes
  • Be Welcome New User
  • Allow clients to set up free permission prompts
  • Give clients analysis that improves results

How is used Gravitec?

Gravitec is quite easy to use. You can sign up for a free account – No Credit Card Required Once you sign up, you’ll be taken to this page:

How is used Gravitec.net

On this page, you’ll be asked to add your website, set up push Automation, Enable Smart Digest (send the most popular articles to your customers), Enable push inboxes, and allow visitors to Subscribe to push notifications.

For The Last Option, you will see this Screenshot:

How is used Gravitec

To get the full experience you need to integrate your website with Gravitec. Install the Gravitec plugin, open the plugin page and click “Connect to Existing Account”. Once you’re done, verify your website’s integration and subscription to notifications

When you’re done, click “Get Started” and you’re done!

Who needs Gravitec?

Gravitec is Useful for the following People:

  • News Editor
  • Bloggers
  • Influencer
  • Business owners
  • Digital marketer
  • Anyone wants to increase subscriptions and increase engagement on their website

Gravitec Appsumo Lifetime Deal Plans and Features

  • Lifetime Access to Gravitec
  • All future business plan updates
  • You must redeem your code (s) within 60 days of purchase
  • Stack up to 6 codes
  • GDPR loyal
  • Only for new Gravitec users who do not have an existing account
  • Note: Previous AppSumo customers will have Grandfather within the new feature range for codes 1-5
  • Note: Previous AppSumo customers who purchased Gravitec may purchase more code to increase the feature limit.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, whatever the reason

Gravitec AppSumo Lifetime Deal

All plans include features

  • RESTful API
  • Removable Gravitec.net copyright
  • Zapier Integration
  • WordPress Plugin

What are the features of GRAVITEC?

Gravitec Has a wide Range of Features that help you get more traffic and more Subscribers and Streamlined Campaigns.

Gravitec Review - Gravitec AppSumo Lifetime Deal

  • Drip Campaigns – These are a series of notifications for your new customers This feature allows you to collect some articles for your new customers. This will increase their engagement and they will be loyal to you.
  • Daily / Weekly News Digest – A feature called Push Digest compiles your most popular news. You can send up to ten top news pieces.
  • Automated News Delivery – You Can send Push Campaigns Directly From your RSS feed.
  • Permission prompts – Customize it by selecting different settings for desktop and mobile, including location, appearance, language (s), when they should be displayed.
  • Bell – Your Customers can communicate with you with this feature. It will increase your engagement and gain your trust and confidence.
  • Targeted campaigns – Basic and Advanced Segmentation options based on Browser, OS (operating system), language, city, and user’s country.
  • Monetization – Increase paid Subscriptions and Promote your Advertiser content.
  • Campaign Report – An online chart that shows important statistics from your push campaigns so you can evaluate how effective it is. These are available for individual campaigns, campaigns, opt-outs, and subscriptions set within a specific time frame.

Gravitec Alternative to:

  1. OneSignal – Web Push Notifications Service
  2. iZooto – Push notification platform for publishers
  3. PushEngage – The Best Mobile and Web Push Notification Service
  4. Webpushr – Mobile & Web Push Notifications Service

Gravitec AppSumo Lifetime Deal Pricing

In Appsumo Lifetime Deal you can buy it in 3 categories at different prices. One Time Purchase of Single, Double, and Multiple.

Gravitec AppSumo Lifetime Deal Pricing

Gravitec Regular Pricing

Easy and transparent price. All product features are available to all users.

Gravitec Pricing

As you can see in the screenshot above, the free option caters to those who have no more than 10,000 subscribers. It is only available to one user, unlike business offers that can host an unlimited number of users.

The number of notifications and automation is much smaller; With unlimited amounts of notifications and automation, the business option is best for you.


On the other hand, the business option offers a lot more. The cost of a business option depends on how many customers you have (if it must be more than 1000). You can toggle the arrow button to see how much it will cost for each subscriber number.

For example, if you have 1,000 subscribers, Gravitec will cost you 4 per month. If you have 25,000 customers, the business plan will cost you $ 100 per month.

The maximum amount is 800 800 per month for 200,000 customers. In that case, you can contact the Gravitec team via email.

Gravitec Price

If your subscriber base goes into the thousands and you have hundreds of dollars left, then Gravitec is for you.

Despite the hefty price tag for having 6 customers, you get more buzz for your money through a business plan than a free plan.

Gravitec Pros and cons

Pros: It’s easy to implement and segment your audience. It helps you run different notification campaigns based on the segmentation of visitors. Works well on both desktop and mobile. I implemented it on my WordPress website. It happened without any difficulty. I’ve been using its lifetime license so it’s affordable for me. It Helps me Send all kinds of content to my Push Notification Subscribers. I can even customize my push notification dialog box using my own text, logos, and buttons.

  • Easy to use
  • Users have a wider reach than other software tools
  • Regular Notifications Help you know What’s going on
  • Affordable depending on the number of your subscribers
  • Everything works for you once set up
  • Suitable for news and media platforms
  • Unlimited subscribers (business options only)
  • Works well with many integrations with a single line of code

Cons: This would be great if it could be integrated with Google Analytics. I didn’t need a very fancy push notification service, so I’m not sure what others are looking for.

  • Some features are hard to understand if you are a beginner
  • May also show third party integration
  • Somewhat expensive depending on the number of your subscribers

Gravitec.net Review

Overall Gravitec Review

With Gravitec, I wanted to know: What can a push notification service do for me?

The answer was: it can send a warning whenever there is new content on our favorite sites.

While Gravitec is not a perfect software tool (any software tool?), I’m sure Gravitec is trying to make the push notification service a new standard.

Overall judgment is: Gravitec score 90%

The idea that Businesses would use push notifications to reach customers sounds unusual. But this idea makes this product so great.

As someone who uses this product, I can say that it has made my life a lot easier! I can’t imagine using a website without push notifications, and it’s great that the Gravitech team has made the service accessible to everyone.

I’ve always been a fan of the idea of ​​push notifications. This is why I was excited to try one of Gravitec’s push notifications. Gravitec is a great service, and I can tell you that it saved me countless hours keeping track of what’s happening on the Internet.

Get Gravitec Appsumo Lifetime Deal

I’m excited to see how Gravitech develops and the changes it will endure as it gets better and better at delivering push notifications.

If you are not a fan of Gravitec, Onesignal is an alternative tool that you can use. It works the same way when it comes to getting push notifications for your content

But if this review stimulates your interest and you want to use Gravitec yourself, Click Here.

Gravitec User Reviews

The user interface is a real joy to work with Gravitech. The customization level of any given push notification campaign is complete and realistic.

Gravitec User Reviews Gravitec User Review Gravitec customer Review Gravitec customer Reviews Gravitec Review Gravitec Reviews

Get Gravitec Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Rytr Review – The Best Ai Writer, Content generator and Writing assistant – Rytr Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Rytr Review – The Best Ai Writer, Content generator and Writing assistant

An affordable Ai Writing Assistant with Rytr that will help you create high-quality content in a blink of an eye. If you are a Freelancer, Marketing Agency, Blogger, you can create simple content for blogs, eCommerce Stores, ads, emails, social media, and much more, in just a few seconds, at a very affordable cost!

Ever wonder where and how you can create the perfect content for your clients and customers without too much hassle or time?

Rytr Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Sometimes we encounter writer-blocks that prevent us from writing something for our full potential and so, look for ways to create good content with these new advanced AI copywriting tools. The fastest-growing AI writing tool on the market is Rytr. With This Tool, you can create not only Market-Based works but also blog posts like story plots, Songwriting, and Youtube descriptions. Isn’t that great? And if I tell you that you can do it for free, on a trial, and then if you want to buy it, the prices are also very affordable? Pretty much okay, let’s see what else Rytr has to offer.

Rytr Ai Writer Review

What is Rytr Ai Writer?

Rytr is an AI copywriting tool used to create content for marketing-oriented networking sites, blog posts, content creation, and more. Made to create highly engaging, relevant, and good quality content in just a few seconds and is also free. !

With Rytr, you can get high-quality content in just a few seconds by providing just a few tips and tricks. With the help of the guidelines you have given, it will do what you probably need to do in a matter of seconds.

It comes with a built-in layout and outline for your desired content and you can choose different types of your choice and then choose the one according to your choice.

Why Should you Try Rytr?

During business, everyone is aware of the brand’s reputation and the need for content for the purpose of sale. Not just content but good, high-quality content that helps increase brand Awareness, Marketing, and business. In doing so, many people will feel that it is important to have good content writers to create good quality blogs and content for your website or that there is enough money to subscribe to such AI copywriting tools.

Although most AI copywriting tools are very expensive to buy or if you do, they can be frustrating. They may bring up Credit issues, Subscription Cancellation issues, or other content issues, which are still a prerequisite.

With Tire, you can write content with a free trial, and even after your free trial is over (which is offered once a day), the price of this website is very affordable and open to small businesses starting from the bottom.

With Rytr’s Good Quality Content, The Audience is bound to be engaged and pay more attention to your content because of its great skill and excellent content.

Who Can Use Rytr?

With this AI copywriting tool, there are no restrictions on who uses it and for what purpose. For a content creator, this will help you create an outline and write your content more efficiently. For YouTubers, this is going to create an accurate description for your video or page and thus, will attract a lot of viewers with your work. For Story Writers or Creative writers, Rytr comes with a plot writing option that helps you navigate your plot in a more engaging way.

And for the best part, it doesn’t end there. Rytr brings new and alternative writing and tone options to expand its platform and help creators as much as possible. This website really provides content creation tools from all angles! As well as writing songs.

What are the Benefits of Using the Rytr Lifetime Deal?

With its good quality and newly created content, it is very clear why many content creators may find it useful. Not only does it create new content with each attempt, but it also passes the theft test on websites like Grammarly.

While it will offer you almost everything you want on a plate, you also need to know how to use the tools to their full potential. If you are unable to use the tool of your choice, you will not automatically like it, and it will not only be for Rytr, but also with any other app you are using to create content.

But once you get a hold of the website and its tools, it will become your best friend for creating your content and for everyday users who can write articles to help you find a good outline for your content. Since it comes with many options such as email, Facebook or LinkedIn and googles ads, interview questions, post and caption ideas, and many more, it will be easier for you and your team to work on creating content every day.

  • Lifetime access to Rytr
  • You Must Redeem your Code within 60 days of purchase
  • Update all future plans
  • Please note: this agreement is not stackable
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, whatever the reason
  • 20+ usage and access the template
  • Write sales and marketing emails that get answered
  • Discover ideas and write compelling content for the blog
  • Create creative, engaging copy for social media
  • Enter product, job, profile, video description
  • Create interesting captions for Instagram posts
  • Premium, access to the community of members only
  • Dedicated account manager and priority email support
  • Support for 30+ languages
  • Access all future updates and features
  • Lets you to create 50,000 characters per month

Rytr Appsumo Lifetime Deal

How To Buy Rytr Lifetime Appsumo Deal only for ($29)

  • Go to the “Rytr Lifetime Appsumo” deal page.
  • Wait a few seconds, a discount popup will appear.
  • Enter your email to get exclusive benefits.
  • Continue with the same email id.
  • Get $10 discounts at the end.
  • Discount is valid for new users only.

Rytr Lifetime Appsumo Deal

Rytr Pricing

Rytr is available for free. In that sense, anyone can use Rytr. However, there is a credit system that limits you to the daily character limit that you can create. For example, a premium plan is launched that allows you to create unlimited characters and access to 20+ uses and tones. Along with premium, you’ll also get a dedicated account manager, preferential email, and chat support with access to a premium community of Rytr.

WordHero AppSumo Lifetime Deal: Get 10$ Off On New Accounts

Rytr Price

These terms are applicable for Appsumo users only.

Best Features of Rytr Ai Writer

User interface

Rytr has a clean UI that is easy to navigate. It’s responsive and you can easily curate content while using any of your devices. There is a popup and full-screen mode because it allows you to have a better and more fun writing experience.

Ease of Use Rytr

Rytr’s web interface is clean and friendly for beginners. You can quickly sign up with your email, Google Account, or Facebook account by clicking the ‘Start Writing’ button.

Rytr User Interface

Clean, minimal, and super different UI makes it very easy for anyone to use. Anyone with a basic knowledge of online tools can easily use Rytr. There is nothing so different or difficult about software that will take you through the learning process or into an academy or club.

Rytr Multiple languages and tones

There are multiple languages and tones that you can toggle when creating content As such, you can create content in the desired language and any available tone.

Choose Multiple Output Variants

You can choose how many forms you want for your text If you use Rytr’s free plan, it will cost you extra credit. If you prefer Rytr, it is highly recommended to upgrade to a premium plan. This will help you to feel completely free as you work on the software.

Rytr Price

Rytr Team Management

Collaboration on online tools is the current fashion. With Rytr’s team management feature, you can add your team and collaborate on content.

Rytr History

History confirms that everything you create is always at your fingertips. For example, you don’t have to worry about storing content elsewhere for fear of losing it. All generated content can be retrieved from history.

However, the more content you create, the more your history will grow, and you may have a bad experience looking for results in a particular history. With that in mind, history has the potential to erase the consequences of certain histories.

Rytr Final Review

Like any other AI copywriting tool, Rytr also comes with its limitations but if you can track and trace the full potential of the tool, you will be able to create new and unique content with every click. This website is so versatile that you will not regret buying it or using it as a free trial. With its unique and efficient content creation tools, you will be at the top of your game!

Want to write better and faster? Rytr is an AI-powered, mobile-friendly writing assistant that helps you create quality content for anything in just a fraction of a second! Stop thinking about hiring an author block or content writer. Join the thousands of happy copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs who use Rytr as an unfair advantage to grow their business.


Top 5 Rytr Alternatives

  1. Jarvis – AI writes blogs and social media content                                                           Jarvis – AI That Writes Blog & Social Media Content
  2. Copy.ai – Create Marketing Copy In Seconds
  3. Peppertype.ai – Create Quality Content Faster
  4. ClosersCopy – AI-Powered Copywriting Tool
  5. Writesonic – AI Copywriting Tool and Marketing copy in seconds

AdCreative.ai Review – AdCreative.ai ($69) Lifetime AppSumo Deal

AdCreative.ai Review

Introducing AdCreative.ai allows users to quickly create high-converting ad creatives with data-trained artificial intelligence. You can’t expect an ad to grow your audience, but it takes time and manpower to bring in creatives who work for different goals and platforms.

AdCreative.ai Makes it Easy to create on-brand creatives that drive high conversions — While saving you Time and Money. Just upload your brand’s Visual Assets and AI will Create the perfect creative for your project, which includes 1080 × 1080 square and 1080 × 1920 story sizes.

AdCreative.ai AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Advanced ai was trained on Millions of high-editor ad creatives, so you can consistently create creatives that are Designed for Data-Backing and conversion. Using integration, you can push your favorite creatives directly into your connected advertising accounts, saving download and upload time.

AdCreative.ai ($69) Lifetime AppSumo Deal

Optimize the effectiveness of your ads by feeding millions of high-converting creatives through the Google Display Network, giving you predictions of the best combination for your marketing strategy. That way, you’ll be able to harness the power of AI by creating high-editor ad creatives based on previously successful campaigns.

Since AI has Learned Everything you Need to know about your target audience, you’ll be able to create more dynamic and effective creatives and Banners. In addition, you can expand your audience by developing personalized ads based on the range of populations optimized for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, and Bing ads.

By Quickly Creating Creative Variations, you can experiment with different strategies and still scale your ads while saving time. On-board all your clients, Regardless of their verticality, and impress them with personalized ads that get real results.

Creatives can determine the effectiveness of advertising, so your entire marketing strategy should not be based solely on someone’s “artistic” taste. AdCreative.ai works hard for you, so you can quickly create and test high-converting creatives at no extra cost.

AdCreative.ai Lifetime Deal

Do you want to get more traffic from your advert campaigns?

In this digital world, we know there is no alternative for Google Advertising for your platform. But creating ads is not only great text and having a good audience, it’s also about being the best creative conversion, in most cases more important than the audience.

So, you can not anticipate your audience to grow from an advertisement. Because it takes moment and force to bring in creatives who work for different pretensions and platforms.

What if you only had one dream assistant who could help you save Money While scaling your Ads?

Give your business an unfair advantage with creative / banners created by highly trained artificial intelligence.

What Is AdCreative.ai:

AdCreative.ai lets users quickly create high-converting ad creatives with data-trained artificial intelligence. It uses AI to quickly create data-backed, highly-converted creatives.

If you want to use data to create ads that get more clicks and conversions, then you need this tool. You can use it to create ads for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

AI will Create ads for you Based on your data. It can help you create ads that get more clicks. Use an AI-powered Creative Tool to Generate Stunning ad Campaigns.

AdCreative.Ai Alternative to:

  • Celtra
  • Marpipe

AdCreative.Ai Plans and Features

✅ Lifetime access to AdCreative.ai
✅ All future Premium Plan updates
✅ You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
✅ Stack up to 4 codes
✅ GDPR compliant
✅ Only for new AdCreative.ai users who do not have existing accounts
✅ 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason
✅ Unlimited generations
✅ Integrations: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Zapier, and Facebook Ads
✅ AI text generator
✅ Beta features

AdCreative.ai Lifetime AppSumo Deal

AdCreative.ai Pricing Plans

AdCreative.ai offers three different pricing plans: Single, Double, and Multiple.

Single Plan $69 Lifetime Deal

  • All features above included
  • 3 users
  • 5 brands
  • 50 credits per month

Double Plan $138 Lifetime Deal

  • All features above included
  • 5 users
  • 10 brands
  • 100 credits per month

Multiple Plan $207 Lifetime Deal

  • All features above included
  • 10 users
  • Unlimited brands
  • 250 credits per month

AdCreative.Ai Plans and Features

AdCreative.Ai Integrations

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Zapier
  • Facebook Ads.

AdCreative.Ai Integrations

How To Buy Lifetime Appsumo Deal in AdCreative.Ai ($59)

  • Visit The AdCreative.Ai Lifetime AppSumo Deal page.
  • Wait for Some Seconds, An Discount popup will Appear.
  • Enter your Email to Receive the Exclusive Benefits.
  • Continue With the Same Email ID.
  • Get a 10$ Discount at the End.
  • Discount Valid for New Users Only.

WordHero Lifetime AppSumo Deal

Terms Of AdCreative.Ai Lifetime Offer

  • These Terms are Applicable for Appsumo Users only.
  • Lifetime Access to AdCreative.Ai Plan.
  • You must Redeem Your code(s) within 60 days of purchase.
  • All Future AdCreative.Ai Plan Updates.
  • 60-day Money-back Guarantee, No Matter The Reason.
  • You Can Get 3 users Per Account.

You can add additional users, credits, brands, but you have to make an extra payment.

AdCreative.ai Review 

Give your Business an Unfair Advantage with creatives/banners Generated by Highly Trained Artificial Intelligence.

As AI learns what you need to know about your target audience, you’ll be able to create more dynamic and effective creatives and banners. In addition, you can expand your audience by developing personalized ads based on the range of populations optimized for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, and Bing ads.

AdCreative.ai Review – AdCreative.ai ($69) Lifetime AppSumo Deal AdCreative.ai Review  AdCreative.ai Review  AdCreative.ai Review – AdCreative.ai ($69) Lifetime AppSumo Deal


AdCreative.ai Lifetime Deal


Best AI Content Writer and Generator Tools


WordHero Ai Review – Best AI Content Writer and Generator Tools

WordHero Review - Best AI Content Writer and Generator Tools

Introducing WordHero — A Low Costly AI writing assistant that will help you generate high-quality in a blink. In case you’re a freelancer, advertising employer, Blogger then you may create smooth content for blogs, e-commerce shops, ads, emails, social media, and more, in just a few seconds, at an insanely most inexpensive price!

wordhero review

WordHero is one of the popular Al writing equipment that assists you to write outstanding blog articles, social media captions, emails, ads, income copy, product/SEO descriptions, and greater in only a few clicks. You could additionally use WordHero for a startup, marketing, content ideas, and even poetry and music lyrics. It is a progressive artificial intelligence (Al) writing device powered by way of OpenAL/GTP-3, a primary-of-its-kind autoregressive language model with 175 billion parameters. It saves hours and hours of writing with the aid of decreasing some time spent on online research and writing.

WordHero AppSumo Lifetime Deal

WordHero is an ought-to-have Al-writing software. Artificial intelligence can be used in making plans, hassle-fixing, know-how representation, studying, reasoning, perception and manipulation, and to a lesser extent social intelligence and creativity. It really works exceptional for entrepreneurs and commercial enterprise owners, entrepreneurs and social media managers, article writers and copywriters, and all and sundry who want to keep time on writing. Al writing device reduces the workload and efforts of typing.

WordHero is one of the best content-generating Al tools. They are ideal for Freelancers, agencies, and agencies to rapid-song the copywriting technique. It’s far modern-day technology and enables the creation of more dynamic content material that resonates with the audience. It’s time-saving, simple, and smooth to apply.

Word Hero Ai Writing Tool Review


WordHero Ai Review

WordHero is a simulation of the human intelligence method by using a programmed system, specifically computer systems. It offers limitless thoughts. So, you mustn’t maintain in thoughts if you are going out of phrases. WordHero indicates powerful gear for branding and labeling, it is a fiendishly smart manual for crafting the lines. It offers a whole suite of 50+ writing gear with new ones brought every week and allows you to create first-rate weblog site write-ups, social media websites inscriptions, emails, commercials, sales duplicates, product/SEO summaries, and additionally even more- in surely multiple clicks.

The Best AI Writing Software

It is straightforward and smart; it is able to be used for internet surveillance. You can get a brand new article drafter, full of records and ideas to put in writing about. You can specify a subject you want to write approximately. You may get content-wealthy research and facts-dense document.

wordhero review

WordHero Lifetime Deal Advantage

✅ Lifetime Access to WordHero Plan
✅ You must Redeem your code (s) within 60 days of purchase
✅ All Future WordHero Plan updates
✅ Please Note: This Deal is not stackable
✅ 60-day Money-back Guarantee, no matter the reason
✅ UNLIMITED copy Forever (unlimited offer ends SOON)
✅ Access to all 50+ writing tools (And counting)
✅ Access to all future Writing tools/templates
✅ Discover Topic ideas & write Engaging blog content
✅ Write Sales & Marketing Emails that sell
✅ Generate catchy captions for Social Media
✅ Write Memorable Product titles & Descriptions
✅ Brainstorm Viral Marketing and Startup ideas
✅ Support for 10+ Languages (coming soon!)

How To Buy Lifetime Appsumo Deal in WordHero ($59)

  • Visit The “WordHero Lifetime AppSumo” Deal page.
  • Wait for Some Seconds, An Discount popup will Appear.
  • Enter your Email to Receive the Exclusive Benefits.
  • Continue With the Same Email ID.
  • Get a 10$ Discount at the End.
  • Discount Valid for New Users Only.

WordHero Lifetime AppSumo Deal

Terms Of WordHero Lifetime Offer

  • These Terms are Applicable for Appsumo Users only.
  • Lifetime Access to WordHero Plan.
  • You must Redeem Your code(s) within 60 days of Purchase.
  • All Future WordHero Plan Updates.
  • 60-day Money-back Guarantee, No Matter The Reason.
  • You Can Get only 1 License Per Account.

How to use WordHero?

  • Login to WordHero. The display will display the complete AI writing tools.
  • Get Access to this home screen by clicking on the WordHero brand within the top left corner.
  • The second display is the editor mode. Click on the top-left nook ‘ editor’ in case you want to jot down longer-shape content material like emails, blog articles, and so forth.
  • In the top left corner, the ultimate is history. Click on it to see everything that you generated up to now.

Key Highlights Of WordHero Assistant

  • Lifetime Access.
  • Based On GPT-3 platform.
  • 10+ Major Language Supported.
  • Best Tool For Marketers, Business Owners, Freelancers, etc to Create Easy Creatives with Pre-made Templates.

Pricing Of WordHero Lifetime Deal

WordHero Lifetime Appsumo Plan One Time Purchase of $69

Pricing Of WordHero Lifetime Deal

WordHero Pros and Cons


  • The Working space is easy to use.
  • Features are Being added at Lightning Speed.
  • Drastically speed Uptime to Market.
  • Helps you Generate Articles Rapidly and at any Scale.
  • Generate an unlimited amount of content every month.


  • Content Quality Needs to improve in Certain Areas.
  • Lack Of Some Functions.
  • Too Premature to replace Human Writers.

wordhero review

Features of WordHero AI Content Writing Software

Automatic Editing and Proofreading

Proofreading is the final level of the editing system, specializing in floor errors along with mistakes in grammar and spelling mistakes and accuracy.

Sales CopyWriting

Create your funnels, and product descriptions, offer ideas for convenience, and use Bullet Point Expander to turn ideas into sales copies.

Content Marketing

Get unlimited advice for marketing ideas, social media captions and headlines, Facebook and descriptions, Google ads, and emails.

Ideas, Lists, And More

WordHere Helps you create Unlimited advice for your Business, Marketing, offers, Brand Name, and much more.

Blog Content

With just a few clicks, you can create a blog article concept, complete outline, blog title, introduction, and snippet for your blog content.


The toolbox contains 48 AI writing tools with which new tools are being added almost every week.

The Best AI Writing Software

Top 10 Alternatives to WordHero AI Content Writer

1. GrowthBar – The Ultimate SEO and Content Tools
2. Rytr – Best AI Writer, Content Generator, And Writing Assistant
3. Article Forge – High quality, AI-Powered Article Creation
4. Copysmith – AI Content Creation Software Built for Teams
5. Anyword – The Best AI Copy Generator 
6. Articoolo
7. SEO Content Machine – Content Generator For Any 
8. WordAi – Best AI Text Rewriter
9. AI Writer – The best AI Text Generator, Promised
10. Kafkai – AI Writer & AI Content Generator

WordHero Final Review

Word Hero is a really amazing software for writing content with the power of AI. It helps entrepreneurs and copywriters create valuable content for social media, online publications, and more. This tool considers AI machine learning to create content that can run your project in less time and effort.

AdCreative.ai ($69) Lifetime AppSumo Deal

Divi Theme Review – The Most Powerful Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Divi Theme Review

Welcome to our Divi review! In this newsletter, we’ll take a deep inspect the internal workings of Elegant’s Divi theme, study the functions it offers, communicate approximately how to use it, check out the pricing, and finish up by giving you our verdict on whether or no longer it’s well worth the investment.

First things first: Divi is, of course, a highly popular Theme matter! Part of this popularity needs to be attributed to the reality that fashionable themes — the author of Divi — is the maximum famous independent WordPress issues store in the marketplace today. So, it makes sense that its flagship product is quite popular as properly.

However, apart from that, I need to be honest here and admit that Divi actually is an excellent theme matter that packs a ton of functions and gives you them in a bundle that’s clean to grasp (even for someone new to website building).

This novice-friendly nature is perhaps Divi’s largest selling factor. However, we’ll get to all that in a minute.

Let’s Start with the Basics:

What is the Elegant Divi WordPress theme?

As mentioned, Divi is the Flagship Creation of Elegant Themes. It’s what’s usually known as a mega theme. In other words, it’s just like a widespread WordPress theme, however higher, and larger… lots bigger.

Divi’s can serve more than one purpose and match any kind of Website. Essentially, no theme what kind of site you need to construct (and irrespective of the layout as nicely), Divi guarantees it can handle the task.

Furthermore, Divi is constructed with the beginner in thoughts. Everything from set-up to the interface, and the way you may cope with updates, afterward, has been built in a way that even a complete beginner can get the dangle of right away.

Divi WordPress Theme

In a nutshell:

  • Divi is a completely purposeful WordPress theme that works instantly out of the field. It doesn’t want any precise setup method past what you’d need to do with some other WordPress theme.
  • It doesn’t require you to have any WordPress coding enjoy or website building skills. For the maximum part, every customization is available via a reachable consumer interface.
  • You can do the maximum of your customizing right at the front stop. That means that alternatively of having to wonder what your modifications are going to appear to be on the stay website, you get a real-time preview as you’re doing all your customizations.
  • It lets you build simply any kind of design or format possible, whilst nevertheless the use of the equal theme.

Allow’s stick with that last aspect for a minute: Being capable of creating any layout is basically the primary trait of the mega theme style, so to talk. In different words, Divi doesn’t come with a dedicated design in step with se; it doesn’t force any layouts or patterns on you, however rather lets you tune the theme to your liking through its many options panels.

This is exactly what makes Divi clearly multipurpose.

Another component well worth discussing is how Divi relates to the other web page builder answers on the market — in particular, those along with Elementor or Beaver Builder.

At the cease of the day, Divi theme is a solution that’s a chunk greater complete than Elementor or Beaver Builder. This is basically down to the fact that it’s an all-in-one answer.

For instance, to make both Elementor and Beaver Builder work, you want a separate WordPress theme to go along with the theme. So, ultimately, what you emerge as with is most in all likelihood a totally primary theme that serves as the shell that homes your Elementor or Beaver-constructed pages.

In that light, Divi is just greater convenient. It not only comes with its superior page builder capability out of the container, however, it’s also a theme in itself, so that you don’t need any additional shell theme to make theme paintings.

Divi WordPress Theme

How to Use Divi WordPress theme?

Considering the fact that Divi is a top-class theme (extra at the pricing in a minute), you couldn’t find it via WordPress.Org’s default theme listing. Alternatively, you need to go to fashionable themes, join the membership, and get your personal ZIP document containing the theme.

Once you have the ZIP report, it installs like every other theme —Through the panel found in Appearance → Themes → Add New → Upload Theme.

While you’re done with the setup and have the theme matter energetic, you may proceed to the theme matter’s most important settings. Divi has its personal menu within the fundamental sidebar wherein you may locate the hyperlink to that settings panel:

How to Use Divi WordPress theme

There’s, in reality, numerous stuff you can alter there, however, if you may be afflicted to undergo all which you don’t in reality must. Or, at the least, adjusting all these settings one by one shouldn’t be the primary component you do with Divi.

The satisfactory manner to without a doubt get to recognize Divi is to create a brand new homepage for your website. That’s precisely what I’m going to do in this Divi overview.

All of it works just as you’d anticipate. First, you need to create a clean page and assign it as the front page in Settings → analyzing. Next, you may continue to edit the web page with the Divi Builder.

The way the web page builder portion of Divi works could be very similar to the alternative builder answers available on the market, which includes Beaver Builder or Elementor.

Here’s a quick rundown of Divi’s page enterprise shape:

Your web page’s content incorporates sections… that can contain one or extra rows… which in turn can comprise one or extra columns… which ultimately include character content blocks.

Sounds complex, perhaps, but it’s honestly pretty clean to understand after you begin running with Divi. Here’s an instance web page structure (you can see all the critical elements — sections, rows, and content material blocks interior columns):

Elegant Themes Divi Theme Review

Juggling all of these rows, columns, and content material blocks is how you assemble a page with Divi.

To get started, proceed to edit your homepage, and click on the big button that announces Use The Divi Builder.

The Divi Builder

This will release the primary Divi visual builder. At this stage, there aren’t lots there, but this may all alternate in a second.

To make getting began less complicated, you can pick something from the available layouts that come inside the field with Divi.

There are a variety of thrilling layouts to pick out from, and that they’re all only a search away, with some examples indexed properly.


The one drawback is that you can’t simply see what a selected layout looks as if before loading it onto your web page. However, this isn’t a large ache, on account that selecting a template format is something you’ll probably only do at the beginning degrees when working on a given web page, so you received’t threaten to lose any actual content.

The manner of importing the format works very easily, I have to admit. All you need to do is click on the layout you need, and it’ll be imported in a count of seconds.

Another cool feature expecting you at the lowest of the page is the tool preview toolbar.

Divi device preview toolbar

With it, you could switch the preview window between computer, pill, and contact views. Also, you may zoom in and out to see the whole web page from a chicken’s eye view.

In case you want to, you could additionally use the equal toolbar to exchange to the wireframe view, which focuses greater on the sequence of the content material blocks in your web page and their settings, rather than on their character appearances. This could be useful when operating on a larger page.

Divi multipurpose WordPress theme

On the theme of the use of the primary builder interface, I have to mention it’s an alternative intuitive and doesn’t depart many questions unanswered. You may basically hover your mouse cursor over any element, and the available options will appear automatically.

Other than that, you could click on quite a whole lot of any piece of textual content you notice on the web page and edit it at once. You get to use all of the usual text-processing tools you’d assume (bold, italic, charges, font length and sort modifications, and so on).Divi WordPress Theme

As for the character rows and sections, you may realign them freely just by grabbing one of them and dragging it into the region.

But, of direction, Divi isn’t best approximately enhancing a present layout and bending it in your will — there’s a lot greater looking forward to you.


Divi Multipurpose WordPress Theme ​Features

In this first section, I want to explore the distinctive “elements” of the Divi theme matter so that you recognize what it includes. This may also help you recognize what’s happening inside the subsequent segment, in which I display you the way you can use Divi to create your website.

On this Divi assessment, we’ll be citing a number of the pleasant components of the usage of Divi. Some of those Divi features are in reality the highlights of this theme, they consist of:

Divi Builder

The Divi Builder is the maximum particular thing about the Divi theme in assessment to different issues obtainable. It’s a visible, drag-and-drop web page builder built right into your theme. You could think about it within the identical vein as different gear which includes Elementor seasoned, Beaver Builder, and many others. The important thing difference is that it’s constructed into the theme (although you may additionally get it as a standalone plugin model).

In case you’re now not familiar with those tools, they allow you to construct 100% custom designs with no need to recognize any code. You may do the whole thing from the visible, drag-and-drop interface. Think about them like Squarespace or Wix…but for WordPress.

You’ll paintings in a visible interface like under, wherein you can see exactly how your design will appear to traffic.

You could manipulate the layout with rows and columns, and you may add new content with the aid of including distinctive “modules”. As an instance, you would possibly have one module for a button, some other for a photograph, any other for a pricing desk, any other for a touch form, and many others.

Each module (and row/column) gets its personal specified settings that assist you to control features, styling, spacing, and so on. For instance, in case you’re enhancing a touch shape module, you may manage the form fields, patterns, notifications, etc.

By using placing the entirety together with drag-and-drop and editing the settings, you could create your personal custom designs without ever interacting with code. Once more, that is the “killer app” that Divi has over other issues.

Divi Theme Builder

Divi theme Builder makes use of the equal Divi Builder interface which you noticed above. But, the important thing difference is that it helps you to apply the Divi Builder to your theme templates. As an instance, you may use it to design your theme header or the weblog theme a template that all of your blog posts use.

This allows you to customize one hundred% of your web page the usage of the Divi Builder visible interface, which is an absolutely effective characteristic. As an example, you can create one template for your blog posts after which all your blog posts would robotically use that design – no need to manually recreate the design whenever.

Or, you can even create one-of-a-kind templates for blog posts in different categories, which opens up a number of flexibility.

Eventually, it’s not just for blog posts! You can also use it for other sorts of content material. For example, if you have a WooCommerce store, you may use this feature to create custom templates on your single product pages and shop layouts.

Divi Library Templates

At the same time as the Divi Builder offers you the energy to construct 100% custom designs from scratch, you also shouldn’t because Divi comes with a massive template library. These are pre-made designs that you can import after which 100% personalize using the Divi Builder.

Presently, Divi has over 1,383 pre-made layouts that you may choose from, divided into 187 layout packs. A layout pack is a themed collection of templates. As an instance, a group of templates focused on helping you create an eating place Website:

You may also shop your personal designs as templates to reuse them later. Or, you could keep man or woman sections as “international Modules”, which helps you to reuse one template in multiple spots and replace all instances simply by editing the unique template.

Divi WordPress Theme Customizer Options

To personalize the style and format of your theme, Divi uses the local WordPress Customizer. That is great as it helps you to preview any adjustments that you make in actual time. This works just like any other WordPress theme. As an instance, in case you need to customize your header, you may open those settings in the Customizer and make modifications:

Or, of the route, you could also skip these settings and just use the Theme Builder (greater on that later).

Divi Theme Options

In the end, Divi also comes with its personal backend theme alternatives location. You can use this region to control extra practical/integration/international settings. For instance, it lets you without difficulty add code snippets to the theme (along with the Google Analytics monitoring code):

Divi Theme 40+ Website Elements

Modules are the building block of the Divi WordPress theme and page builder. There are more than 40 modules or website elements to choose from that you could use consisting of call To action, Sliders, Galleries, touch forms, Testimonials, Blogs, Counters, comments, Portfolio, Pricing Tables, Dividers, and many more.

Bloom Email Optin Plugin


Divi Theme Drag & drop + responsive

The subsequent massive factor is that in place of editing a visual representation, you may be operating at the real stay blocks. You’ll be dragging the real pieces of content including headers, text, images, collectively with rows and includes. The whole thing you upload to a page or website is fully responsive, you may tweak the behavior of each element for specific devices.

Divi Theme No refresh – instant visual updates

The Divi Builder is powered by React, and a brand new paradigm in actual-time visible studies, which guarantees that whatever you do is up to date on the fly. You do not should perform any page refreshes to look at content updates, the whole thing is visible in real-time as you could see inside the various lively gifs in this article.

Divi Split testing functions

For a lot of the ones whose online presence revolves around consistent small improvements to enhance their business, Divi carries built-in cut-up checking out capabilities such that you may run tests and optimize for this reason.

Divi Additional WordPress themes and plugins

The purchase of the Divi WordPress Themes method that you get entry to to all the products by Elegant Themes. This includes the extra theme, a magazine WordPress Theme, the Bloom electronic mail decide-in plugin, and Monarch – a whole device for getting Extra shares and followers.

Divi Full Creative Control

Having access to this will deliver you to the new Divi theme Builder web page where you could see all the templates you’ve created and where they’re presently being applied to.

We defined a worldwide Header and worldwide Footer with a view to being displayed on all elements of the website. Then, we have different templates for All Posts, 404 pages, All category Pages, All merchandise, and blog.

As you could see, with the theme builder, you possibly can now layout ANY page or ANY components of a website. This is the energy of the brand new theme builder released these days.

Let’s have a chunk of a deeper appearance.

Divi Custom Headers and Footers

Commonly, you’ll want to create a worldwide custom header and footer templates first as the default website template.

After you’ve performed this, you could now customize these templates. Once you follow those, the header and footer of your website will alternate to show your custom new custom designs.

Before v4.0, you will want to install third-party plugins to personalize Divi’s header and footer areas. This is no longer important, you may customize the whole thing directly within the theme itself!

You may upload any factors to your header and footer. From navigation menus to trademarks to countdown timers and different dynamic content – quite an awful lot of all the forty+ Divi modules are to be had which will use.

Under, you could see what a page seems like in a default Divi installation.

With the brand new theme builder, this identical web page can now look like this. You can see that there’s a very new custom global Header and global Footer.

Whilst the body remained equal, the header and the footer are now completely custom-designed for your particular needs.

All of this is made feasible thanks to the Divi theme Builder.

Tip: this custom header and footer format template can be downloaded from the fashionable theme professional website!

Divi Theme Custom Body Layouts

Now that we’ve got visible the possibilities for the headers and footers, let’s take a look at what may be finished to the body of pages using Divi.

By means of now, you realize that you could use the web page builder to create custom pages, like your homepage, about page, or every other page. You Can even use it to create custom blog posts and Products!

In case you’re a dressmaker, you know it can get tedious to have to create a page builder template after which export it every time we need to create a brand new piece of content.

It might be an awful lot better if we may want to create custom body layout templates that may be created and edited once and be applied to the complete website! That is in which the custom body layouts are available to make life better.

With custom body layouts, you can exchange the structure of such pages as:

  • archive page
  • 404 pages
  • Search results page
  • blog posts
  • products
  • etc.

Divi New Performance Upgrade in the 2022 Update

Leaner, Clean code, Dynamic PHP, Smart layouts, Intelligent CSS, and other improvements help it score 100% on GTmetrix.

Divi Security

Even though WordPress is at ease enough no longer to have many security concerns, we recognize that there were extra than just a few vulnerabilities within the past few years. Divi has also had its vulnerabilities.

The wonderful element is that the team from fashionable issues may be very quick to reply to such security issues with activating updates to patch any flaws.

In general, Divi uses secure and safe coding security that cope with any safety worries like no other product. The subject has also been secured and authorized as secure via WordPress security organization Sucuri via a complete code audit.

Divi Documentation and User Support

There is plenty of help on Using Divi by Elegant themes. Moreover, if you Subscribe, The Elegant theme’s blog features daily blogs, tips, and tricks on how to get things done with their Products.

Facebook Support

There may be additionally a Divi Theme customers group on Facebook in which the community helps out every other. There are more than 70.3K members in this group at the time of updating this article.

Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

There are also numerous different unofficial Divi consumer businesses where members ask and help every different out with both fundamental and superior queries. And there are actually tens of thousands of articles approximately the diverse elements of the use of Divi.

In case you plan on the use of Divi however are not sure whether there’s enough assist, you can see from the above that there may be lots of locations to locate assist from.

Divi User Interface

Our Divi assessment starts offevolved with a strong consciousness on UI.

We are sure this is one of the most crucial factors that make a contribution toward figuring out which device you pick for building your website. An awesome WordPress theme has a sturdy cognizance of the person Interface to make certain the stop-user can get the maximum out of the product without feeling overwhelmed, burdened, or hampered by the UI.

This consumer Interface of Divi is intuitive, glossy, elegant, easy, smooth, and most importantly, speedy and snappy to work with.

This means whilst working, you will locate that the theme “guides” you to what you need to do subsequent, in the feel that it’s miles very easy to work with it.

Although older versions of Divi used to have the trouble of feeling very heavy to work with, elegant themes have been placing a variety of effort into performance and these days it’s miles a breeze to work with. Divi WordPress ThemeThe Divi builder is dead-easy to apply. In essence, to build pages, you first create a “structure” of the page, then drag and drop factors into them.

Once you’ve got completed this, just click on the + signal, add a Row or website detail after which customize it as important and on to the subsequent.

In case you need to test exactly a way to it really works you might need to strive jogging the online demo of the Divi that you could find under or test the beneath lively gif.

Ease Use of Divi Theme

We’ve already discussed how various aspects of Divi are very clean to use. However, we would like to stress this point even further.

The group from stylish theme have usually given the ease of using a concern within the development of their products. In preference to aiming their merchandise at experienced customers who understand it all and may figure things out despite the fact that they’re not too straightforward, stylish themes have taken the alternative route.

They devise merchandise that is clean to use for anybody. Whether it’s your first time growing a website, or your thousandth time, the usage of Divi is straightforward and intuitive.

This doesn’t mean that the product would not have a studying curve. In truth, Divi has a one-of-a-kind user revel in than that of the default WordPress according to see, so you’ll want a while to familiarize yourself with the way it works.

When you do even though, you’ll be greater productive than ever.

Languages Support

The Divi WordPress theme is completely multi-language enabled. Fashionable themes have long been understood that that be a crucial feature of any product and the feature made the Divi theme completely translatable into 32+ special languages!

That consists of also RTL languages way to the proper To Left assist, the theme can robotically transfer to RTL mode.

Divi Languages Support

Is Divi Theme Good for SEO?

Divi has been evolved as the flagship manufactured from one of the most popular carriers within the WordPress enterprise. Even As it can have had a few performance troubles in the past, This is no longer the case, and websites developed with Divi are Fast.

Of path, we might usually advocate an amazing caching plugin to help, which includes WP Rocket, collectively with an SEO plugin that includes SEOPress or Yoast that will help you maximize SEO scores.

Even as page developers, in general, rely closely on shortcodes and may create bloated code, this is typically no longer a hassle for the general public. In truth, such bloat generally comes from an unorganized development of content material and an excessive amount of reliance on 3rd party plugins and this will not be an issue for most people.

Divi Theme Pricing

The next part of our Divi review is something you’ll also need to consider – the price. The Divi theme is a premium product, but the pricing model is an original one in the WordPress space. Basically, instead of paying for the theme itself, You buy Access to Elegant Theme’s whole catalog of themes and plugins. The Great thing is there isn’t much to think about with an elegant Theme When it comes to Divi pricing.

Divi WordPress Theme

Divi Cyber Monday Special Discount

Currently running throughout the month of December.

Yep, you study that right! We are gifting away loose prizes to anyone who takes gain of our Cyber Monday sale these days. How does it paintings? Simple! Every person who buys right now will now not best get a Divi membership, they may additionally stroll away with a product from the Divi marketplace, absolutely free! It truly is merchandise for the price of one, plus you get a massive discount too. Remaining yr these prizes sold out in minutes, so do not waste too much time and claim your preferred prize earlier than it’s long past!

Hold On! 🖐 Our Cyber Monday Sale Ends Soon!

This is the only time of the yr that we provide our biggest cut price ever. Plus, all people who buy these days get a free bonus prize, some of which can be really worth even extra than the Divi membership! Oh yeah, you furthermore might get special perks and Divi subject matter Builder packs. Once the deal is over, it may not be lower back for an entire year.

To Purchase the Elegant themes Membership, you have 2 options:

  • One year of access/support – $67
  • Lifetime access/support – $187

Divi Cyber Monday Special Discount

You Simply Cannot beat the value offered by Elegant Themes. We haven’t come across any other offer like this one.

Regular price

One vital element to notice right here is that you get both the Divi theme and plugin model for an equal price. Past that, you furthermore may get other useful tools along with Bloom for email choose-ins (our evaluate) and Monarch for social sharing.

Divi Theme comes in two pricing options:

Divi Theme Pricing

For that charge, you get access to now not most effective to Divi however also to all the other Elegant Themes and plugins of fashionable issues.

  • Yearly Access
  • Lifetime Access

Yearly Access is priced at $89 While Lifetime Access is priced at $249.

  1. You may use Divi on unlimited websites (other WordPress themes require you to purchase a brand new license for every website)
  2. You get entry to ALL merchandise from elegant issues (consisting of the extra theme, Bloom, and Monarch plugins)
  3. You may use any of the 110+ complete internet site layouts.
  4. You Have Unlimited Support
  5. You have got a 30-day money-again guarantee.

But wait! – in case you are making plans to buy a Divi WordPress subject matter do have a glance under, because the elegant theme is currently running a 25% OFF offer at some point of December 2021 – combine this with the Lifetime access and you’ve got your self a fantastic deal!

Divi Theme Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Divi Theme Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Divi continuously ranks a few of the great-reviewed WordPress products within the global and fashionable theme is presently the top-rated software organization on Trustpilot and others! Divi has been reviewed thousands of times through real clients. Browse through all of our customer evaluations underneath to find out why Divi has grown to be the maximum famous WordPress theme of all time.

Divi Theme Customer Reviews

Final Thoughts Of Divi Multipurpose WordPress theme

The Divi theme and the Divi Builder is incredible product that you may buy with full peace of thought. There may be a motive why the Divi theme and builder were purchased via more than 700,000 human beings within the previous few years. It is because it’s far a strong product with great popularity.

It has the functionality to improve your productivity and your stop end result of creating a lovely website design. Most significantly, it’s miles tremendous easy to use and assist you to get the theme done. We endorse the Divi theme 100% for anyone who is thinking about it.

With the theme building capabilities in Divi 4.0, the Divi Builder is now even greater effect due to the fact you can additionally go past just designing posts and pages and also layout your theme header, footer, and templates for your blog posts, pages, and different content material (e.G. WooCommerce products).

The simply powerful aspect is that you could create a couple of templates and “conditionally” practice them to different elements of your site, which opens up quite a few useful options.

Whilst this takes greater work than a “plug-and-play” theme, it also gives you extra flexibility. Or, if you don’t want to construct the whole thing from scratch, you can continually import one of the thousands of templates.

Divi WordPress Theme

Avada Theme Review


Flatsome Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Theme Review – A Detailed Report On The Flatsome

flatsome theme review

There are heaps of options to choose from when it comes to a Theme to your WooCommerce shop. However, a multipurpose Theme that gives a top-notch overall performance characteristic set may be a deal you’re seeking out.

One such WordPress Theme is Flatsome, which has been around for quite a while now. To provide you with a concept of Flatsome’s popularity, over 180,600+ customers have offered the topic from the ThemeForest page. UX issues, the Flatsome WordPress Theme developers, declare that it’s the great eCommerce Theme for WooCommerce.

Does Flatsome have the threshold over the opposition? What functions does Flatsome provide for WooCommerce shops? Those are some of the questions I’m able to try to solve in this Flatsome Theme evaluation.

Flatsome Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

About Flatsome Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Flatsome Theme rating

Flatsome has been around for the reason that 2013 and is one of the top-rated (and satisfactory-selling) themes on ThemeForest. In reality, it is the various top 2 maximum famous topics for WooCommerce, with a rating of 4.8/5.

Flatsome Theme ratings

Flatsome overall performance on Cloudways

Cloudways managed WooCommerce website hosting is constructed for performance and reliability. WooCommerce shops hosted on Cloudways load quicker and are without problems scalable when needed. For this reason, this Flatsome WordPress Theme evaluation might be incomplete without checking out how properly Flatsome plays on the Cloudways controlled platform – for that, I ran a velocity check. Here are the outcomes.

Flatsome overall performance on Cloudways

Note: The following check became performed with demo products and default Theme settings.

The take a look at the store that has the default out-of-the-field configuration with no optimizations. Although the web page size is small compared to an operational WooCommerce store, it still loads underneath a 2nd. You could reap better load time and performance grades if you optimize the store.

Getting Started With Flatsome Theme


How to Install Flatsome theme?

To install your flatsome package deal on WordPress, you truly want to upload the theme record from the folder named “theme documents” where you will get two zip files. Chose the main topic or baby Theme, whichever way you want to get started with flatsome Theme.

  1. Go to WordPress dashboard
  2. Hover over the Appearance option on the left sidebar
  3. Click on themes.
  4. Choose add a new theme.
  5. Upload your theme file by browsing your local computer.

Once you have uploaded the theme, you need to activate the theme.

How To Activate Flatsome WooCommerce theme?

Once you have got uploaded and deployed your reproduction of Flatsome, subsequent you want to prompt that Theme to make it seem at the front quit of your Website.

  1. Repeat the same step as installing a Flatsome theme.
  2. Here on the theme page, you will now find Flatsome already installed.
  3. Click the active button to take it to live over your website.

When you do this, a set-off web page will open inquiring for a license key of Flatsome theme. There you can input your unique key and prompt the Theme.

Note: without getting into the serial key also, you can use the Flatsome theme however your Theme files gained’t replace it if you don’t have an authentic license key of Flatsome.

Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Flatsome Theme Design

Design is the make-or-damage aspect of a website. The more creative-looking your online identification, the extra you entice capability customers. It’s far common for visitors to go to nicely-designed websites only for aesthetics.

Flatsome gives pre-made top-class nice demos for convenience when you have a website structure in mind. Every other gain of the demos is that everything from the home page to checkout works just satisfactorily.

The Flatsome WordPress Theme has astounding parallax effects and included the Wireframe package and UX creator. The Flatsome Studio basically lets you create lovely net pages readily using a lot of these features. The Theme color, image length, block placement, icons, and background layout are all excellent for designing.

Speed Optimizations

Increasingly more traffic now uses mobile phones to get entry to the web. In case you are starting a web store, it needs to be mobile-friendly and fast for a better consumer revel in. That is in which Flatsome is distinctly optimized for instant loading on mobile telephones.

flatsome Speed Optimization

The Theme can adapt to any display length. I tested this Theme on specific devices to verify its compatibility and speed; the consequences were great. The logos and icons had been well-placed, and so have been all different website factors.

Customizable and incredible-speedy performance

One of the fundamental capabilities of this fantastic Theme is its capability to be completely customizable so that no design’s appearance is equal. Every component of the store can be modified really because it has exceptional menus. With the use of the stay Theme alternatives Panel of Flatsome, you could very easily personalize your website’s style.

Google SEO Optimizations

This accommodates many demos which include pre-designed templates, copyright-loose images, and plenty of extras. There also are many other features to make your website look like a business poster which include a banner line, marketing campaign, and CTA. Apart from that, these templates and designs will make your site appearance very expert.

With the live Cascading style Sheets characteristic, you can edit and feature a examine the preview of CSS. The Theme affords extra than seven hundred fonts that you could don’t forget on your website. Further to this, before making your website live, you get the option of preview, so that you can undergo your website and make modifications where wished.

Speed Optimization and Performance

In today’s global, people use cellular phones than different gadgets to browse online, look for products/offerings, and buy online. So, in case you are starting an e-commerce keep, it has to be cell pleasant and fast for a higher person to revel in. And Flatsome theme is the best for that as it is quite optimized for speed. The functions which you get right here with the Flatsome Theme may be without problems tailored onto the hand-sized devices. From speed, compatibility, to usability; everything is top-notch.

Flatsome is one of the fastest WordPress themes and developers have achieved a tremendous job in optimizing it for an awesome overall performance. Every element is optimized for better web page speed.

  • Flatsome has a lightweight CSS and JavaScript Framework which complements the web page velocity and is good for search engine optimization.
  • It additionally uses smart Lazy Loading on all backgrounds and snapshots, so the pictures are loaded most effectively while wished. Consequently, making the website load extraordinarily rapid on cellular telephones.

SEO Friendly

The Flatsome theme is created with SEO first-rate practices in thoughts. It has the W3C validation structure making sure maximum viable performance SEO compatibility. With the Flatsome Theme, the customers are stored from the hassle to optimize their website for SEO. It makes the optimization assignment simpler than ever compared to other themes.

Along with Flatsome, you could prefer using a few search engine optimization like-minded plugins like rank math or Yoast search engine optimization that facilitates you in nicely optimizing your eCommerce meta.

Live Page Builder

Flatsome comes with a UX Builder that you may use to edit individual factors and without delay see adjustments on the stay website.

Flatsome Live Page Builder

The UX Builder comes with 36 different content elements, including the primary ones like videos, sliders, and sections. There are not any lawsuits right here as all the essential content factors/blocks are available with Flatsome.


Flatsome Page Builder

Allow us to circulate to the following aspect of the Flatsome Theme evaluation, the web page builder. Flatsome Theme has smooth to use live page builder with a detailed library to build something as consistent with your liking and possibilities.

Flatsome template permits you to craft a website from scratch easily and even you do now not have to be tech-savvy to do this. Once the template is established, you get access to diverse factors that successfully customize your website. Those elements encompass pages, portfolios, testimonials, price tables, photo fields, video buttons, scroll choices, phase, and many greater factors. Sliders and photograph grids may be effortlessly created properly from the Flatsome topic’s page builder without installing additional plugins.

Flatsome has the functionality to customize every single element even as simultaneously seeing the effects. Apart from this, there is a live Header Builder, in which you may see the changes in real-time while configuring the webpage. Absolutely positioned, the whole thing you need to create a nicely-designed e-shop website is to be had in Flatsome topic.

Flatsome has its very own UX Block builder that includes numerous areas of interest-specific pre-designed blocks.

The flatsome studio has all pre-constructed blocks that can help designers to import high pleasant designed blocks with simply one click.

For eCommerce, you get 250+ pre-constructed blocks and in addition, you could get extra than 100+ UX Blocks in flatsome topics.

Flatsome studio Flatsome Theme assessment: high-quality WordPress Theme For Ecommerce website.
From a layout angle, this topic is well suited with elementor as properly. So, you may transfer your layout among UX Block design or elementor design.

You furthermore may get a responsive designing choice with web page builder of Flatsome Theme.


Flatsome Studio

Flatsome Studio

Flatsome Studio is A Loose significant Virtual Library With photos, pre-designed layouts, and sections that you could absolutely import and use in only a few clicks. They are all well-prepared for classes that will help you discover exceptional website factors easily.

Whilst importing new elements, you could open the studio and pick from more than a hundred+ elements. These are typically templates for essential sections (fee tables, logos, testimonials, banners, campaigns, call to motion, etc.).

Features of Flatsomes

Features of Flatsomes

Flatsome topic comes with a list of lengthy capabilities. To your wonder, Flatsome provides you get right of entry to round 20 demonstration movies with which you could know the way to combine it onto your website. With no previous coding experience, you can without difficulty create an attractive and person-pleasant website in just a few clicks. This Flatsome theme overview, allow us to get to know greater approximately the capabilities the Theme affords.

Flatsome Theme Demos

Flatsome includes many pre-made homepages and settings you can upload with a single click. These are simply examples. You may mix and match headers, pages, shades, and fonts using the Theme Options Panel.

Flatsome Theme Demo

Flatsome Demo


The Flatsome Theme comes with superbly designed website demos helping customers create an excellent website faster. Those demos are ready to use website templates with example statistics. The users can pick one template as in step with their desires and update the sample statistics with original content to start the website in a count of mins.

In conjunction with this, there are shop demos with the cut-price sale and sale countdown timer. Flatsome gives one-of-a-kind variations of layout to pick from and this adaptability is the plus point that permits the customers to create a website as they want it to be.

WooCommerce Integration

A Flatsome Theme permits the customers to locate the goods without difficulty with its live seek choice. With this, site visitors can immediately see consequences while searching for a particular product and go through the info.

Maximum e-trade templates provide a standard layout for product pages, however, this isn’t always the case with Flatsome.

It permits customers to completely customize the personal product page with the appearance and experience they need. Flatsome has 3 styles of layouts to present your merchandise consisting of

  • Grid view
  • Listing view
  • Masonry view

The checkout web page within the Flatsome Theme gives the best security to maintain the purchaser’s records secure and cozy. Similarly to this, it gives different patterns to layout the checkout page as properly. In case you need your clients to view most effective the goods, then enable the catalog mode which allows you to show or cover costs and upload custom HTML additives as an alternative to the upload to cart button.

Additionally, with the Flatsome Theme, there is no want to resize product images several instances to get the proper look. You simply want to outline a standard size for products to resize all the photographs in one go.

Other than this, you may offer the customers a quick view option of your merchandise, where they could see the details and price while not having to browse the person product web page. This saves time for your customers and they may maintain coming returned to your Website.

Theme Support

Flatsome comes with notable support. The documentation won’t be as first-rate as some other vendors, but you could constantly flip to the team with your questions (inside the aid duration).

There’s extensive documentation available on Flatsome. You can discover articles that assist you with the troubles you can come across at the same time as the usage of the Flatsome topic to create your website.

For instance, you can locate step by step guide on how to installation the Flatsome template, a way to use the factors to layout a Website, how to configure the primary options, troubleshooting, and so forth.

Flatsome additionally presents superb customer support offering actual-time assistance. You may at any time flip to the theme aid team for help in case of any sudden question that pops up.

While you purchase Flatsome from ThemeForest, you get six months of premium assist. and 12 months extend support $8.63. In case you require real-time assistance, you can join Flatsome’s Facebook community as well.

  • There are a few video tutorials on Flatsome’s YouTube Channel.
  • In the knowledge base, there is an extensive collection of articles.
  • If you don’t think that other people run online stores with Flatsome, you can go to Flatsome Examples to see different use cases.
  • Online support is available through ThemeForest.

Pricing and Plans

The value of a regular License is $59 on ThemeForest for one unmarried website. If you want the Theme on a couple of shops or for more than one client, you may get a prolonged License that expenses $2,950.

If you want access to a support extension for 12 months, the additional cost is $17.63.

After going through the Flatsome theme evaluation, one question might have popped up in your mind and that’s what the price of this versatile template is.

So, let us mention that as properly. This Theme supporting WooCommerce has hit the chords with all e-trade websites with the aid of supplying them with some of the first-rate functions. You may get fingers-on it at a completely cheap price. Even after being ready with extremely good features like an excellent demo, web page creator, header author, exclusive fonts, and dependent UX design, With six months of help from the UX themes group, you can get several design templates from which you may pick out the first-class one.

Flatsome Theme

Final Words of Flatsome Theme Review!

From this Flatsome Theme overview, you may have got a concept of why it may be best for your e-commerce website. It is straightforward to use and flexible and is appropriate for any enterprise or product. With Flatsome, you could get the convenience of control and versatility, which lets you control all the departments of the website or online save effectively which includes stock control, transport, price processing, delivery, and so forth.

We noticeably propose which you take a look at the Flatsome Theme on your WooCommerce save and spot the way it works for you. But, this theme can be a bit trickier for the amateur considering that there are a whole lot of alternatives to get familiar with first after which start. Regardless of this, the Flatsome Theme can assist help you in paintings allowing you to create a professional-looking shop without problems. We are able to say that if you are searching ahead to make your website look flexible and stylish, then Flatsome helps you to try this without any problem. So, it’s far really worth trying out the Flatsome theme.

A Theme like Flatsome can help you with commercial enterprise operations and let you release a professional-looking shop even in case you aren’t a professional. It is worth attempting!

Note: This article was published in collaboration with UX Themes.
Flatsome Theme
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